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Sniffie performing maintenece

Scheduled App Load Balancer Maintenance This Weekend (23.-24.11.2019)

We are performing Sniffie app load balancer maintenance and enhancement during the upcoming weekend. Minor (less than 60s in length) app availability interruptions for certain accounts may occur during this maintenance window. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sniffie performing maintenece

Investigating possible availability issues [RESOLVED]

Sniffie engineering is currently investigating decreased availability of Sniffie service. Logging in to Sniffie app may not work properly during this time. We apologize for the incident and hope to resolve this incident soon. Read details below. 16.11.2019 15.01 UTC: First reports of decreased availability received by Sniffie engineering.16.11.2019 16.18 UTC: Cause has been identified,…
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Sniffie performing maintenece

Investigating Possible Network Routing Issues in Sniffie App [RESOLVED]

We are currently investigating possible network routing issues in Sniffie App. We will update this post as investigation progresses. 10.28 EEST: First reports of an increase in network routing failures relayed to Sniffie engineers via our automated error monitoring system. 11.31 EEST: A possible cause has been identified and a fix has been implemented. We…
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Sniffie performing maintenece

Investigating Possible Issues with Sniffie App Load Balancer [RESOLVED]

Sniffie engineering is investigating possible issues with Sniffie App load balancer. If you experience any issues, please reload the Sniffie app in your browser. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 14.43pm EEST: First reports of possible issues reported to Sniffie Engineering. 15.13pm EEST: This issue has been resolved by changing one of the load balancer…
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Database Maintenance in Progress (July 2019) [COMPLETED]

As was previously informed, we are performing regular database maintenance in our storage pods. No disruptions of service are expected at all. We will update this post when the maintenance has been completed. UPDATE 11.15am EEST: The maintenance has been completed. Have a nice weekend!

Investigating Slow Database Writes in One Storage Pod [RESOLVED]

For the past ~48 hours, write speeds in one of the storage pods have been degraded at times. Sniffie engineering is actively investigating the issue. We will update this post once the issue has been fully resolved. 10.54am EEST: The issue has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience if you experienced degraded performance at…
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Scheduled Database Maintenance During July 12 – July 13 2019

We are performing database maintenance in all storage pods between July 12 8pm (EEST) and July 13 8pm (EEST). No disruptions are expected in any parts of Sniffie service.

Some storage pods are experiencing networking issues [RESOLVED]

We are currently investigating a networking issues in some of our storage pods. We apologize for the inconvenience. 16.59 EEST: A networking issue with storage pods was noticed by our automated processes. 17.02 EEST: Issue has been resolved. We continue to monitor the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy Midsummer!

It’s that time again when people in Finland go to their summer cottages and light bonfires across the country. Our customer support will provide assistance via Intercom according to normal schedule during the midsummer. We wish you the very best midsummer and are fully back in business next Monday again!

Sniffie Engineering Investigating Issues with Exporting Large Amounts of Data [RESOLVED]

Unfortunately, after yesterday’s update the maximum size for exports was no longer being checked and everything defaulted to a smaller amount than before. This causes an unfortunate behavior that if you try to export e.g. a price matrix with 10mb of data, it is no longer possible. Our automated CI/CD pipeline tests did not report…
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