ruohonjuuri and sniffie

Ruohonjuuri embraces Sniffie for pricing excellence in sustainable retail

Ruohonjuuri, the pioneering provider of sustainable products designed to enrich lives with joy and vitality, announces a strategic partnership with Sniffie, a frontrunner in demand-driven pricing optimisation technology. This collaboration underscores Ruohonjuuri’s commitment to its core values of ecological responsibility, social ethics, and the delivery of high-quality organic foods, supplements, and natural cosmetics through an effective, responsible and automated pricing strategy.

Omnichannel and international

As a company founded on the principles of sustainability and positive impact, Ruohonjuuri has chosen Sniffie to streamline pricing operations across its 17 physical outlets and three geographical e-commerce platforms (Europe, Finland, Sweden. The operation include the whole product lifecycle, including clearances to minimise waste in their stores. This decision is geared towards achieving a more efficient pricing process, enhancing automation, and accelerating the path to profitability all while maintaining the integrity of its eco-friendly mission.

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Ruohonjuuri store with shelves of products
Ruohonjuuri: Where Tradition Meets Excellence - 17 Premier Locations Dedicated to Outstanding Products and Unparalleled Service

Sustainable, ethical, competitive and profitable

The integration with Sniffie ecosystem will allow Ruohonjuuri to refine its pricing strategy, ensuring that it remains competitive yet true to its values of sustainability and quality. By leveraging Sniffie’s sophisticated AI technology, Ruohonjuuri aims to automate and optimise pricing decisions, facilitating swift adjustments in response to market demands and trends.

Ruohonjuuri front page of their ecommerce store
Ruohonjuuri's digital frontier: Serving Finland, Sweden, and all of EU area through three expansive E-commerce platforms

“Our collaboration with Sniffie is a testament to our dedication to innovation, cost effectiveness and sustainable and service oriented business model”, says a Topias Nieminen, Executive Vice President for Ruohonjuuri. “Through this partnership, we anticipate not only improving our operational efficiency but also reinforcing our commitment to providing products that inspire joy and vitality, without compromising our ecological and social ethos.”

This enhancement of Ruohonjuuri’s pricing operations through Sniffie’s technology represents a significant leap forward in combining economic success with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

About Ruohonjuuri:

Ruohonjuuri is at the forefront of offering sustainable products that bring joy and vitality to everyday life. With a strong foundation in ecological principles and social responsibility, Ruohonjuuri serves consumers through its extensive range of organic food, supplements, and natural cosmetics. Operating across 17 locations and 3 e-commerce stores, Ruohonjuuri is dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and its people.

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