689 / month
  • Basic modules
  • up to 3000 orders a month
  • Price all products
  • AI optimization
  • Single store


989 / month
  • All pricing modules
  • up to 6000 orders a month
  • Dynamic automation
  • AI optimization
  • Single store


1449 / month
  • All pricing modules
  • up to 15000 orders a month
  • Dynamic automation
  • AI optimization
  • Single store


  • Extended modules
  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • Additional features
  • AI optimization
  • Multistore support

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PricingManual repricing
PricingRule-based pricing in bulk
PricingCampaigns Management
PricingAI-based Price Optimization
PricingAI-based Markdown
PricingMarkdown Pricing
PricingPricing Compliance
Price simulationPricing and campaign simulator
Price simulationStock forecasts
Price simulationVolume forecasts
Price simulationProfit forecasts
Price simulationComparison forecasts
Master dataProduct tags
Master dataCustom columns
Pricing attributesProduct variants
DashboardDefault dashboards
AI modelsAI optimization settings
AI modelsExtra costs
AI modelsReturn % in markdown
Pricing complianceOmnibus pricing support
Pricing complianceDiscount codes
Pricing compliance30-day lowest price
OnboardingTraining 2 x 30 minutes
Service level agreementProduct tour + help desk
Service level agreementChat support 1 business day
Pricing StrategiesReady-made strategies
Master dataProduct groups for optimization-
Dynamic pricingGoogle Shopping data (0.2€ for extra product/month)-
Dynamic pricingMarket Reference (0.2€ for extra product/month)-
Dynamic pricingPrice comparison portals (0.2€ for extra product/month)-
Dynamic pricingAutomatching-
Pricing StrategiesFiltered strategies-
Pricing StrategiesInsight filtered strategies-
Pricing StrategiesStrategy ranking-
PricingAdvanced rules & attributes--
Master dataData uploads--
Master dataMaster data editor--
Master dataMeta data to custom attributes from Shopify--
DashboardMarket price dashboards--
Dynamic pricingDedicated price monitoring--
OnboardingTraining 2 x 2 hours--
OnboardingPricing training--
Service level agreementLive chat support--
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Data to Sniffie--
PricingDynamic pricing-Limited
Pricing attributesQuality classes---
Pricing attributesCustom attributes---
Pricing attributesInternal Pricing Increments---
DashboardCustom dashboards---
AI modelsMarketing spenditure---
AI modelsAdditional data for AI---
AI modelsAI model fine tuning---
Pricing complianceComparison price selection---
Dynamic pricingManual matching---
Dynamic pricingSubstitute matching---
Dynamic pricingProduct model level matching---
Dynamic pricingCampaign monitoring---
Dynamic pricingAvailability monitoring---
Service level agreementAccount Manager---
Service level agreementQuarterly meetings---
Service level agreementData analytics support---
Service level agreementPricing training---
Pricing consultancyPricing training 2 x 8 hours---
Managed ServicePricing as a Service---Per quote

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