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Sniffie Dynamic Pricing Software is all your Ecommerce needs. All packages include the basic modules that cover all your pricing needs.


978 / month
  • All pricing modules
  • Up to 3600 products
  • Default dashboards
  • Dynamic Market Reference (min, avg, max)


1479 / month
  • All pricing modules
  • Up to 10000 products
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Dynamic Market Reference (min, avg, max)


  • Pricing modules extended features
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Dedicated Market Reference with price monitoring
  • Account Management
  • Individual SLA

Pricing of Shopify Apps

Omnibus App

Basic Plan

2,49$ / month (including 60 day trial)

Omnibus App includes

  • Overview your Omnibus compliance
  • Calculate last lowest price for all active products
  • Fixed prices to meet Omnibus regulations 

The Sniffie Omnibus module is a Shopify App that collects your lowest 30 day pricing and shows it on your template. Template setting is needed to show the Omnibus pricing. 

Sniffie's Shopify Omnibus Pricing App for Price Indication Directive Compliance
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