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We offer pricing automation, price monitoring & price optimization software for retail and e-commerce. We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.

Pricing automation and price optimization

Our solutions consist of four modules

Pricing automation

Optimize your pricing with simple, yet clever pricing strategies and change the pricing automatically. Set strategies, plan campaigns and see the results, all in one software.

AI-based price optimization

Sniffie’s price optimization algorithm optimizes your product prices based on revenue and profit. Let the machine do the hard work, while still remaining in control or set safeguards, sit back and enjoy.

Price monitoring

We monitor the market pricing for you on as many websites and as many products as you wish. You will be able to view the data easily in our dashboards and make swift analysis.

Google Shopping-integration

With Sniffie you can automate your Google Shopping feed and make sure your price changes are visible instantly. No more losing valuable time when time equals money.

Want to know what's really under the hood?

The best way to get to know Sniffie is to let us show you around.


Approve your price changes on the go!

Time is money – we know that. This is why we developed our Sniffe mobile app so you can approve your price changes on the go. Never miss out on valuable minutes any more. Keep your competitive advantage whether you are commuting to the office or enjoying some much deserved rest on the beach.

Sniffie principles

We dare to care.


We give full training to all of our customer both onsite and online. We are proud to offer a comprehensive knowledge base and a support site.

Live support

Our Customer Success Managers offer live support in our chat. Click the chat open and in 30 seconds someone is there for you.

Account management

We build a plan for each customer to grow. Our Customer Success Management team makes sure you reach your goal.

Pricing Consultation

Our team of pricing professionals offer pricing consultations, workshops as well as our online pricing academy with articles and a pricing vocabulary. We also host webinars and run a blog on pricing.

We offer an early stage programme for startups!

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Easy to start, transparent to grow.

Let’s face it. It takes time to grow. Even to get to know Sniffie. Thus we believe in giving you the benefit of time. Start small and grow by your own time. Step by step. We serve all sizes of customer from a few hundred products to millions in a day.

Customer stories

Customer happiness is our happiness

In the world of fast changing prices Sniffie has helped us to save time and earn higher revenues with price monitoring. It is a vital part of our weekly management routines.

VLadimir Tokoi, CEO

In highly price competitive tire business we get invaluable pricing information from our operating countries with Sniffie. Direct integration to our ERP makes market pricing available for all staff.

Juho Planting, CIO

Combine Sniffie easily with your existing systems, ERP and programs

These are just some of the integrations we support. In most case we are able to offer tailormade integrations to meet your needs.

Shopify integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation
Magento integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation
Sniffie Pricing Analytics integration for Tableau
Google Shopping integration for Sniffie pricing automation
Pricing analytics integration for Google Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing automation means that a company uses automated strategies, workflows and processes to automate their price monitoring, pricing and price optimization processes. Often price automation processes also include integration with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and marketin platforms such as klaviyo, Custobar or Google Shopping.

Sniffie pricing module is based on intuitive market strategies that users themselves can create. Those are mainly based on actual market situations and then tuned with user inputs. You can easily create markets, submarkets and set those to all or some of your products on company, brand, category or for example product level. Sniffie changes pricing and you can either let Sniffie change those automatically or accept price suggestions from the service or mobile app.

Yes, our system currently supports ENG, FIN and SWE as does our Customer Success Team. We can also provide you with a translation file that you can use to translate the service to your native language.

Yes. The administrator of the account has the ability to edit the users of the Sniffie account e.g. add or remove users.

There is a log that saves and show the actions taken by users on Sniffie. Especially useful when many users are using Sniffie and if you want to track down the source of a certain change.

We have a powerful tool called Price Matrix. It is a simple matrix where you can see your prices against your competitors. The data in the matrix is updated several times a day and it shows also if the competing products are out of stock, in campaign or not available.

You are able to change between several reference sites and therefore change which site your data is monitoring against. This allows you to use your own site or your competitors’ sites as a reference point.

Yes and it is called Price Matrix. That is the center of the price monitoring module. It is a visually simple yet specific and effective matrix showing you the price of all monitored products from all monitored competitors. You are able to filter down the data to a single category, a time range, certain websites or even view all changes together within a specific brand.

You can monitor the product availability/ product stock of your competitors in a simple matrix showing the information on a product-level. You can easily also see the availability in a glance and make decision based on the data. You are also able to specify colors for different values if the stock is color coded.

Yes, you can normalize currency for your chosen dashboard or price matrix. It changes the value from any other currency to Euro based on current currency rates and therefore makes comparing and analysing data much easier. It also works in our pricing automation system where it changes all the prices to repricable currency to make comparison intuitive.

Our analytics are equipped with several standardized indexes that are automatically calculated for you and shown at the top of the Price Matrix. The following indexes are standard:
CPI = Competitor price index, shows prices relative to common products prices, your own store is always 100 so a competitor having the index 110 means they are 10% more expensive.
PPI = Product Price Index, an index is calculated for each product separately and PPI is the average of those indexes. Compared to CPI the difference is that all products no matter price has the same weight in the PPI. Your own store always has the index 100.
– MPI = Market Price Index, store sum of all products compared to the market average, excludes your store
– MPI (full) = Market Price Index, store sum of all products compared to the market average, includes your store
Products = amount of products included in the index calculation. Missing price points are not included in this
Common products = amount of products in common between stores.

There is a ready made integration from Sniffie to any website built on Shopify’s platform. The integration enables sharing of price history, banners and price change notifications.

There is an integration from Sniffie to any website built on Magento’s platform. The integration enables sharing of price history, banners and price change notifications.

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