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Let our Omnibus app keep your pricing compliant with the EU’s Omnibus Directive.

The Omnibus Pricing App tracks the running 30-day lowest price point and automatically considers discount codes to make sure your sale price is always shown with the right 30-day lowest price.

Omnibus Price

With 700+ users and a 4.9-star rating for our Omnibus App, you can be sure that your pricing compliance is in good hands.

Why you should download our Omnibus App

Control the big picture

With our dynamic overview get a quick glance on all your product's legal status.

Be legally compliant

With the integration you can ensure that your data is always up to date.

Take immediate action

Rapidly rectify any prices that are not in compliance within a matter of seconds.

Save time

Automatically include your Shopify discount codes into 30-day lowest price.

Why do I need this? What is the Omnibus Directive?

We’ve compiled a selection of helpful resources to help you become more acquainted with the Omnibus Directive.

How the Price Indication Directive changes campaign pricing in the EU

Comprehensive guide on the implications for retailers.

Navigating the Omnibus Directive: Our Approach to Compliance

Our approach to simplify retailers’ compliance.

How to Show Omnibus Prices on Your Website?

How you should show your product prices on your site.

Navigating the Tricky Waters of Diverse Interpretations

How the Directive differs between countries.


We’d be more than happy to help you if you have any doubts or questions about the directive as an ecommerce seller. Easily book a quick call with us through the calendar below!