60 day discount campaign with 30-day lowest prior price for Omnibus Directive with a-10% discount code example

Navigating the Omnibus Directive: Our Approach to Compliance

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The Directive (EU) 2019/2161, also known as the Omnibus Directive, is a European Union directive aimed at strengthening consumer rights and promoting greater transparency by implementing sanctions to enforce these rights. The main objective of the Omnibus Directive is to enhance consumer protection rights across the entire European Union, and it applies to all e-commerce stores.

It has now been over a year since the Omnibus came into effect. Are you among the online merchants who have successfully complied with this new directive?

In this article, we review the key points of the Omnibus directive and explore our approach to simplify online stores’ compliance with this law.

Key Points of the Omnibus Directive

  • Any price reduction must be displayed on the e-commerce website by showing both the previous price and the current price after the discount.
  • The lowest price recorded during the 30 days preceding the promotion must be used as the reference for applying the reduction.
  • In case of successive price reductions over a specific period, the previous price refers to the one in effect before the first reduction.
  • Customized/personalized prices, based on consumer buying behavior, must be displayed transparently.
  • Seller information must be comprehensive; customers must know who they are actually buying from.
  • Fake customer reviews or endorsements are prohibited; all customer reviews must be authentic.

How to Apply Promotions in Full Compliance

Before planning a promotion or a discount period, you must ensure that all historical prices are available for at least 30 days prior to the promotion date. You should be able to prove and show your past prices from the last month if requested by your local authorities.

Remember that if you are currently using personalized pricing, you have to disclose information about your available listings to your customers. Consumers must clearly and directly see if the displayed price applies only to them.

zalando omnibus price
Example of how Zalando displays their reductions on their website (Source: Zalando)

Make Your Store Compliant in a Few Clicks

If you are a Shopify or a BigCommerce seller, look no further for a quick and efficient solution for your promotions!

The Omnibus Price application automatically tracks and displays the lowest price over 30 days when products are on discount. The lowest price over 30 days includes Shopify discount codes. The timeframe for the lowest price and the campaign duration can be extended and adjusted in compliance with the laws of your country.

Ensuring Price Display Compliance

Make sure to adhere to the Omnibus Directive when reducing the price of your products.

Omnibus App

With Omnibus Pricing:

  • Get a direct overview
    • With our dynamic overview, quickly glance at the legal status of all your products.
  • Always stay compliant
    • Through the integration, you can be sure your data is always up to date.
  • Act swiftly
    • Quickly rectify any non-compliant prices in a matter of seconds.
  • Save time
    • Automatically add your Shopify discount codes into the lowest price of the last 30 days.

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