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Tools and Calculators
Markdown Pricing for Seasonal Product Sell-Out Webinar
Sniffie webinar ON DEMAND WEBINAR Markdown Pricing for Seasonal Product Sell-Out Get your recording Welcome to our Markdown Pricing...
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Basics of Markdown Pricing Ebook
Sniffie EBOOK Basics of Markdown Pricing Maintaining a good level of inventory has been a significant struggle for retailers. If the...
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Leveraging Demand Forecasting and Automation in Campaigning Webinar
Sniffie webinar ON DEMAND WEBINAR Leveraging Demand Forecasting and Automation for Successful Discount Campaigning Get your recording Welcome...
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Running an Omnibus Compliant Ecommerce Profitably Webinar
Sniffie webinar ON DEMAND WEBINAR Running a Omnibus Compliant Ecommerce profitably Get your recording Welcome to our Running an Omnibus...
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Ecommerce Pricing Checklist
Ecommerce Pricing Checklist 101 pricing tips we’ve learned on the way… Tune your Ecommerce...
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Market Index Calculator
Market Index Calculator Our Market Index Calculator allows you a very easy access to calculation the different market indices (CPI,...
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Master Data Mapping Tool
Master Data Mapping Tool Our master data mapping tool allows you to create a mapping ID for products between the different systems....
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Margin Tools
Margin Tools Margins are crucial in pricing, to mention a few examples: Margins are looked at and used to price products, to analyze...
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Pricing Academy
Sniffie Pricing Academy Sniffie Pricing Academy The one place to learn about E-commerce pricing. START LEARNING Pricing Academy Sniffie...
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Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator
Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator Use Campaign Pricing Simulator to calculate the outcome between two different campaign scenarios....
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Customer Lifetime Value Tool
Get the Customer Lifetime Value Calculator The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a valuable metric that shows the total amount of money...
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Omnibus Directive Legal Research Paper Ebook
Sniffie EBOOK LEGAL RESEARCH PAPER Omnibus Directive Legal Research paper EU has been preparing a directive (Directive 98/6/EC), more...
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Omnibus Directive in Practice Webinar
Sniffie webinar ON DEMAND WEBINAR Panel discussion with Q&A session on Omnibus Directive Running a pricing campaign on your website...
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Ethical issues of pricing
Sniffie webinar Ethical issues of pricing Do you think it is ethically acceptable that the price of face-masks is so high that some...
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Dynamic Pricing - the truth behind the buzzword
Sniffie webinar Dynamic Pricing – the truth behind the buzzword Dynamic pricing is a hot topic when it comes to pricing but it’s...
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Pricing for people, not products
Sniffie webinar Pricing for people, not products Pricing in both theory and practice tends to be very product focused. In this webinar...
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How To Prepare For The Upcoming Sales Season - eBook
Sniffie ebooks How to prepare for the upcoming sales season The ultimate sales season guide for e-commerce and retail. Instead of receiving...
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AI in pricing – eBook
Ebook: AI in Pricing “The AI-revolution is not coming. It has already arrived. This book will give you a world-class peek into...
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Profitable Pricing in eCommerce 2020 – eBook new
Profitable pricing in eCommerce Download our free 20-page ebook below.  Become a pricing genius! Setting prices is simple, but knowing...
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Strategic Pricing Gateway Tool
Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator You can use Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator to understand how your market affects your...
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Price Elasticity Tool
Price elasticity calculator for e-commerce & retail What if you could charge more – and increase margins and sales at the same...
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Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer Tool
Get the Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer The Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer is a free Google Sheets tool for businesses to...
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Margin Waterfall Chart Excel Template
PRICING TOOL Margin Waterfall Chart Excel template This valuable tool allows you to understand how different discounting techniques,...
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