Ebook: AI in Pricing

“The AI-revolution is not coming. It has already arrived. This book will give you a world-class peek into how it is changing pricing and what it can do for YOUR bottom line!”

To learn how AI (and specifically reinforcement learning) is shaping pricing in e-commerce, fill out the form and read our in-depth e-book written by a team of pricing experts. If the form is not visible below, please disable any content blockers you may have active on your browser.

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What you should know about AI in pricing

  • The basics of AI and reinforced learning – how it works and what’s the best model for which purpose
  • The basics of market cannibalization and price elasticity on pricing
  • How AI can be used to solve some of the most difficult challenges in pricing
  • How an AI-based pricing tool can supercharge your pricing process and get you maximum profit margins with no manual work

Get answers to these and other FAQs

Why should I use AI in pricing?

AI has many benefits, and one of them is that it eliminates all manual work and human errors from the process. It allows you to price your product’s based on their pricr elasticity rather than a gut feeling, and find the optimal price point at all times, minimize cannibalization, and get maximum profit margins.

Why do I need to use AI? Can’t I just do it myself?

Mapping out price elasticity and finding the optimal price point for huge numbers is practically impossible to do without an AI-based tool. Profitable pricing is based on controlled tests. You need to continuously monitor and analyze the how the change in price point affects a product’s demand.