Pricing Case Studies

Through our pricing reference cases, you can read how we achieved genuine results with our customers. and Sniffie Customer

Leading a digital commerce revolution with intelligent pricing and marketing integration and manage all their pricing for their large product portfolios automatically with Sniffie.

Streamlined omnichannel pricing with AI and automation.

Streamlined pricing processes with pricing automation

How a prominent Consumer Electronics Retailer achieved significant cost-savings and streamlined their processes.

Streamlined omnichannel processes.

10% net profit increase with AI-driven markdown pricing

How a leading fashion retailer FAM Brands increased their net profit by 10% with Sniffie’s AI Markdown Pricing Tool.

+10 net operating profit
iVisa price optimization case

Profit optimization for the travel industry

How global visa online store iVisa increased their revenue by more than 40% and received tangible understanding on their demand. 

+40% revenue

250.000€ more revenue in the first markdown campaign

How Kipukauppa, a leading Nordic provider of pain-relief products, improved their marketing ROAS, increased revenue and optimized their pricing.

+250.000€ more revenue
Hyvinvoinnin tavaratalo

500.000 € more profit in the first 12 months alone

How a health and wellness eCommerce retailer improved their profitability and made 500.000€ in profit in their first year alone with Sniffie.

+500.000€ revenue in first 12 months
Sex Toy Shop optimised pricing with Sniffie and generated six figure profits automatically in the first 2.5 months

+100.000€ more profit in less than 6 months

How a Sexual Health Ecommerce Store improved their profitability and made +100.000€ of profits in the first year they started with Sniffie. 

+100.000€ more profit

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