Pricing Case Studies

Through our pricing reference cases, you can see examples of how we achieved genuine results with our customers.

Streamlined pricing processes with pricing automation

How a prominent Consumer Electronics Retailer, achieved significant cost-savings and received streamlined processes.

Streamlined omnichannel processes.

10% net profit increase with AI-driven markdown pricing

How a leading fashion retailer FAM Brands gained 10% increase in their net profit with Sniffie’s AI Pricing Tool Markdown module.

+10 net operating profit
iVisa price optimization case

Profit optimization for travel industry

How global visa online store iVisa increase revenue by more that 40% and received tangible understanding on their demand. 

+40% revenue

250.000€ more revenue in the first markdown campaign

How Kipukauppa, a leading Nordic provider of pain-relief products, improved their marketing ROAS, increased revenue and optimized pricing.

+250.000€ more revenue
Hyvinvoinnin tavaratalo

500.000 € more profit in the first 12 months alone

How a health and wellness eCommerce retailer improved their profitability and made 500.000€ in profit in the first year alone with Sniffie.

+500.000€ revenue in first 12 months
Sex Toy Shop optimised pricing with Sniffie and generated six figure profits automatically in the first 2.5 months

+100.000€ more profit in less than 6 months

How a Sexual Health Ecommerce Store improved their profitability and made +100.000€ on profits in the first year they started with Sniffie. 

+100.000€ more profit

Operating in Shopify?

Maximize your campaign profits

Sniffie: Smart Sale & Discount Campaign App is the ultimate power tool for Shopify stores to create easy and optimized campaigns. With the use of cutting-edge AI, you can maximise your profits all while reducing prices.

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