ACON Partners with Sniffie to Drive Growth in the USA

ACON, renowned for producing the world’s best trampolines and sporting goods, has announced a strategic collaboration with Sniffie, a leader in AI-driven pricing optimization. This partnership aims to accelerate ACON’s growth in the US market by enhancing brand value and maximizing pricing effectiveness.

Accelerating US Market Expansion

To capture the growing US market, ACON is leveraging Sniffie’s advanced AI technology to simulate, automate, and optimize pricing decisions. This innovative approach enables ACON to respond swiftly to market trends, ensuring competitive yet profitable pricing while upholding high-quality standards.

Enhancing Brand Value

Through this collaboration, ACON aims to elevate its brand value by utilizing data-driven insights provided by Sniffie. These insights will help ACON understand customer behavior, refine pricing strategies, and drive significant business growth.

Marjo Piirto, COO of ACON, commented, “Sniffie will be instrumental in helping us leverage our data to optimize pricing for growth in the US. Their technology is expected to significantly refine our pricing strategy and support our growth goals.”

Tomi Grönfors, CEO of Sniffie, shared his excitement: “We are thrilled to collaborate with ACON’s remarkable team and support their growth journey through pricing excellence.”

About ACON

Founded in Finland in 1996, ACON has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of trampolines and sporting goods globally. Inspired by Nordic design principles, every trampoline produced by ACON is crafted to be a stunning addition to any backyard. The company places a high value on quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship, ensuring that its products are built to last for generations.

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