Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick answers to common queries about our pricing software. From features to integration, get the details you need for confident decision-making. Have a question not covered? Contact us for personalized support.

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How does Sniffie work?

Sniffie offers a range of solutions, including dynamic pricing, price optimization, and price monitoring. Our dynamic pricing module allows users to create market strategies based on real market situations and user inputs. The price monitoring tool, known as the Price Matrix, provides a comprehensive view of your prices against competitors. The profit optimization module utilizes an enforced learning method to find the most optimal price point for total profit.

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Can Sniffie's pricing software handle industry-specific needs?

Yes, Sniffie is versatile and caters to various industry-specific needs. Our customer support team is well-equipped to assist businesses of all sizes and types, from clothing retailers to hardware stores. For personalized information, you can schedule a call with our experts!

How easy is it to integrate Sniffie with your existing systems?

Sniffie provides seamless integration, with ready-made options for websites built on Shopify’s and Magento’s platforms. Explore all our integrations here.

What level of support and training does Sniffie provide?

Depending on your chosen plan, Sniffie offers various modes of support. Our dedicated customer success team is ready to assist whenever you need additional support. Additionally, we provide access to a comprehensive Help Center for self-service, a live chat feature for quick assistance, and personalized support through in-person and video training sessions. We are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your Sniffie experience.

Do I need to be a pricing expert to use Sniffie?

No! Our aim is to make pricing simple for anyone with an ecommerce store. Our user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, and our customer support team is available to assist if needed.

How much does Sniffie cost?

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What user languages does Sniffie support?

While our current user interface is in English, our customer support is available in Finnish and Swedish as well.

What if I monitor different currencies?

You have the option to standardize currency across your selected dashboard or price matrix. This feature converts values from any currency to Euro using the current exchange rates, simplifying the process of comparing and analyzing data. Moreover, this functionality extends to our pricing automation system, adjusting all prices to a consistent currency for more intuitive comparisons.

What type of price indices do you offer in Sniffie Analytics?

Sniffie Analytics includes standardized indexes such as CPI (Competitor Price Index), PPI (Product Price Index), MPI (Market Price Index), and more. These indexes provide valuable insights for effective pricing strategies. For further details, visit our Help Center.