AI-based Price Optimization


Pricing and price optimization is an important factor in online and retail. Consumers monitor prices and know what a product should cost, while market prices change rapidly due to changes in demand. Market-priced products, targeted marketing and an excellent customer experience usually guarantee a good end result. However, in a market where consumers choose products based on price, finding and maintaining an optimal price point is challenging. Artificial intelligence based price optimization meets this challenge. Thus, AI-based price optimization is the future of pricing in retail and ecommerce.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will permanently change pricing in e-commerce as well as in the retail sector. Now is your chance to surf the wave in the new era of pricing, right among the first.

Meet SAMPO, Sniffie’s Automatic Market Price Optimizer, the future of dynamic pricing. SAMPO is the most ingenious way to implement fully dynamic pricing to your ecommerce site or retail store. After SAMPO, finding and setting the right prices will never be the same. AI-based price optimization is going to change the way you are pricing your products, forever.

“At Sniffie, we want to take pricing technology forward and always base our efforts on developing something new based on customer needs.”