AI-based price optimization that really gets you results

Meet SAMPO – Sniffie’s Automatic Market Price Optimizer that’s based on machine learning. SAMPO uses your e-commerce sales data to optimize both revenue and profit more efficiently and reliably than a human.


Here's how AI-based optimization can improve your pricing

Price optimization tool that really gets you results

SAMPO works by testing the sales volumes with different price points, taking into consideration expenses and traffic on the product’s site. SAMPO works within set safeguards so there is no need to worry about drastic changes. 


Understand the market and competition better

While testing product prices in small intervals in order to find the optimal price point, SAMPO generates valuable market data on sakes volumes in relation to price points. This data can then be used to make future pricing decisions, with or without SAMPO.

AI makes recommendations, you're in control

If you are not yet fully comfortable allowing a computer to make all decisions for you, you still have the choice to confirm all pricing decisions made by SAMPO in our service or with our mobile app.

No matter how many products, it adapts to your needs

You can add and remove products into SAMPO according to your needs. Use SAMPO for a while, remove the product and still have the valuable market data that SAMPO generated for your product.

Observed mean profit per price

Price optimization that really gets you results

Pricing is usually not seen as an easy task. However, this is something we want to change with SAMPO, our AI-based price optimization solution. Some of the most common problems when it comes to pricing relate to the amount of products and the lack of reliable data. 

The huge amount of products is something most pricing managers and category managers struggle with. Managing hundreds or thousands of products and making sure their prices are up to date is no easy feat. This is where SAMPO comes in and does the hard work for you. If you still want to remain in control you always have the option of making SAMPO ask for your confirmation before pushing the new price live.

The second big problem in pricing is the lack of reliable market data. Tedious reporting in Excel-files in hopes of seeing patterns from price changes is now a thing of the past. Let SAMPO start the price optimization process and watch the market data accumulate and help you in future decisions. With the flexibility in product choices you can decide to switch to manual pricing at any time and still use the data generated by SAMPO.


This is what it takes from you (easy, right?)


Tell SAMPO about your costs and set safeguards

SITE traffic

Let SAMPO see the traffic on your product sites via integration


SAMPO needs to know the amount of conversions

Learn more about the benefits of AI-based price optimization

Questions? Our pricing experts are happy to show how you business can benefit from AI-based price optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI-based price optimization

Yes, Sniffie uses AI to optimize your pricing. We use reinforcement learning to optimize your profit elasticity and price elasticity. In addition, it generates a lot of interesting pricing insights for you to learn from, even if you don’t use it for fully automatic pricing.

Absolutely you can. Sniffie’s AI solution SAMPO uses machine learning to find you the most profitable price point for your product. The machine works by trying small changes in prices over a time period until settling for the most profitable option, all the while testing if a better, more lucrative price can be found. Doesn’t matter if it is a price optimization case or products with s short shelf life. SAMPO will optimize the price.

Yes. SAMPO uses reinforcement learning to learn from the market and optimize your profit. SAMPO changes prices of your products according to the changes in demand of your products.

Sniffie pricing module is based on intuitive market strategies that user can themselves create. Those are mainly based on actual market situation and then tuned with user inputs. You can easily create markets, submarkets and set those to all or some of your products on company, brand, category or for example product level. Sniffie changes pricing and you can either let Sniffie change those automatically or accept price suggestions from the service or mobile app.