Sniffie Founding Team from left Niko Naakka, Tuomas Uutela and Tomi Grönfors

This is Sniffie

We are Helsinki based startup on a global growth path

We believe easy price monitoring should be the norm in any business. Complex, tedious software makes people cranky. We are here to change this with Sniffie. It’s not either wise or nice to buy excessive amounts of data and start analysing it, if the only thing you need to monitor is your local competition. That’s why we believe small data is beautiful. Our only aim is to help our customers to make better pricing decisions and better business. But what is Sniffie as a company all about? Here you can find more detailed information about us, and our company and the story behind it.

Meet Our Team

The Ones who made it this far

Tomi Grönfros Sniffie Co-Founder CEO
Tomi Grönfors
Co-founder & CEO

Tomi is an experienced entrepreneur, passionate leader, marketing and sales guy. He loves products and services that make a complex world simple. A loving family man, friend and a team member. Active grappler and martial artist.

Niko Naakka Sniffie Co-Founder CTO
Niko Naakka

An engineer with an interest in automation, healthcare and mathematics. A strong believer in the idea that any data can be useful as long as it reaches the right person.

Tuomas Uutela Sniffie Co-Founder
Tuomas uutela
Co-founder & integrations

A software developer who loves spending his free time up in the air. Tuomas has been tinkering with computers ever since he could write at the age of seven years old.

Suvi Leinonen Sniffie COO
Suvi Leinonen

Suvi plays a major role in keeping the organization running and stable with an exceptional customer focus. She makes sure that the company culture develops towards customer centered and positive team work.

Fredrik Hollsten Sniffie Head of Product
Fredrik Hollsten
head of product

Fredrik is responsible for guiding the product team towards our vision and making sure we build the right stuff at the right time. Oh, and that is looks beautiful both in an out.

Richard Sundman Sniffie Nordic Sales Manager
Richard Sundman
Head of sales

Richard is our B2B sales superstar. His spare time is spent with friends, crossfitting and travelling, and he never say no to a glass of Champagne. Oh, and he loves chili.

Ossi Cornér Sniffie CFO
Ossi Cornér

Ossi started at Sniffie as an intern but was soo good that he was immediately offered a permanent position. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and spending time in nature.

Anna Holopainen
head of marketing

Anna, our Head of Marketing is a hands-on marketing nerd with a relentless obsession about customer value. She’s an avid learner and a cat mom who virtually lives on Twitter and enjoys reading, hiking, working out, and curating her own B2B SaaS newsletter.

Joonas Sirén

A hands-on technical architect, whose focus is on building scalable and resilient services in the cloud, utilising the latest & greatest, fit-for-purpose set of technologies. Loves solving puzzles and designing systems in the grand scheme, which usually go hand in hand when developing complex applications and services.

Tessa Pahkala
sales manager

Tessa recently got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is devoted to a customer-oriented approach in sales. She is not only passionate about sales but also about traveling and has lived in Australia and Mexico.

In her free time, Tessa loves to do yoga, reading, and meditation to unwind. To balance out all the healthy stuff she will never say no to tacos!

Aleksi Kukkonen Sniffie Data and AI
Aleksi Kukkonen
Head of data

Aleksi is our data enthusiastic psychology student and our Head of Data  specializing in AI. Aleksi is responsible for the development of AI-priced price optimization as well as our other AI solutions.

Lia Strandberg
Head of Customer Success

Lia’s passion is in creating customer value and she loves to interact with people. Her spare time is spent with family and friends, working out and looking for the best take away coffee in the city. Recently she has also got crazy about houseplants.

Jonas Timonen
Marketing & social media coordinator

Jonas joined Sniffie as a Sales and Marketing intern and stayed and joined the marketing team after the internship. Jonas has a black belt in Judo and soon, he’ll have one in marketing as well.

Jonas Weckström Sniffie Culture HR
Jonas Weckström
Advisor (culture & hr)

Jonas, the classical finnswede, will make sure our team develops a winning culture & has the right people. He makes sure we have personal development plans (on all levels), culture implemented daily and recruitment process that works.

Konsta Saarela Sniffie Strategy
Konsta Saarela
advisor (strategy)

Konsta is responsible of our strategy process and development. He’s a brilliant mind with the ability to focus on the big picture, so it’s not forgotten in the daily grind.

Elina Kotamäki
Growth Hacker

Elina got her bachelors degree in Business Management and is now eager to apply her knowledge at work and learn new skills. Having lived a bit all around Europe (London, Paris and Berlin to name a few), Elina is all about discovering new places and living new experiences.

Marta Tiainen
Customer Support Trainee

Marta is our technical customer support trainee who has an extensive educational background on economics from the University of Helsinki. 

Marta has been doing voluntary work in different sports and was even the Team Assistant for both Olympic and Paralympic teams in Sochi 2014. Her Olympic and Paralympic career continued with the good work she did and she also was with the team in Rio 2016 and in Pyeongchang 2018. On here free time Marta enjoys playing volleyball and reading.

Mia Martikainen
Customer support specialist

Mia is a customer support specialist with genuine passion in customer support.

During Mia´s freetime when she is not being kept busy her 2 children you can find her from outdoors, she´s a big fan of all outdoor activities. Yoga and small diy-projects are also close to Mia´s heart!

Erik Kaunismäki
Data scientiest

An economist who loves to combine theory and practice. Erik likes to see life as a puzzle and different ways of living as different ways of solving that puzzle. In his spare time he enjoys brewing beer, roasting coffee and diving into YouTube videos about elaborate chess strategies.

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We believe in motivated and happy people, who know where they are heading. That’s why we spend hours and hours on teaching you what you need to know. You’ll catch the attitude we hold dear and then we let you free. Just because we believe motivated people deliver quality work.

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