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In our company, people come first.

Meet the team


Tomi Grönfors


Tomi is an experienced entrepreneur, passionate leader, marketing expert and sales guy. He loves products and services which simplify our complex world. Tomi is an active grappler and martial artist as well as loving family man, friend and a team member.

Niko Naakka


An engineer with an interest in automation, healthcare and mathematics. Niko is a strong believer in the idea that any data can be useful as long as it reaches the right person.

Tuomas Uutela


A software developer who loves spending his free time up in the air. Tuomas has been tinkering with computers ever since he could write.


Sampo Lokki


As a former teacher and principal Sampo is an experienced leader. He is passionate about learning and driving others to excel in their work. Outside of work Sampo loves spending time with his family. In his spare time he enjoys sports, especially football!

Kaarlo Matero


Kaarlo has over four years of sales leadership experience and six plus years of SaaS industry expertise. For Kaarlo the sky's the limit! At Sniffie Kaarlo’s mission is to promote healthy and sustainable growth through his dedication to next level service and collaboration with his colleagues. Kaarlo values a healthy work-life balance, and keeps active through sports. Recently Kaarlo fell in love with tennis, although he's not a pro (yet) he's ready to challenge anyone for a match!

Sanna Järvelä


Sanna is a customer focused professional with an extensive international background in sales. Sanna has lived and worked in both London, UK and in Rotterdam, Holland. She strongly believes that understanding the clients needs is essential to improving performance and achieving the best possible results. Sanna is passionate about good design and often enjoys art galleries and exhibitions. She loves a good stroll in nature and playing with her dog Rokki.

Suvi Leinonen


Suvi plays a major role in keeping the organization running and stable. Her exceptional attention to detail remains sharply focused on the customer and their needs. In doing so she ensures that the company culture develops towards a customer centered, positive team environment.

Joonas Sirén


A hands-on technical architect, whose focus is on building scalable and resilient services in the cloud, utilizing the latest & greatest, fit-for-purpose set of technologies. Joonas loves solving puzzles and designing systems in the grand scheme, which usually go hand in hand when developing complex applications and services.

Fredrik Hollsten


Fredrik is responsible for guiding the product team towards our vision and making sure we build the right stuff at the right time. Oh, and that it looks beautiful both in and out.

Aleksi Kukkonen


Aleksi is our data enthusiastic psychology student and our Head of Data specializing in AI. Aleksi is responsible for the development of AI-priced price optimization as well as our other AI solutions.

Lia Strandberg


Lia's passion is in creating customer value and she loves to interact with people. Her spare time is spent with family and friends, working out and looking for the best take away coffee in the city. She has also recently become crazy about houseplants.

Ossi Cornér


Ossi started at Sniffie as an intern but was so good that he was immediately offered a permanent position. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and spending time in nature.

Jonas Timonen


Jonas joined Sniffie as a Sales and Marketing intern. After his internship he stayed on, joining the marketing team. Jonas has a black belt in Judo and soon, he’ll have one in marketing as well. Currently, Jonas is combining work at Sniffie with his studies while completing his Masters degree at Hanken School of Economics.

Elina Kotamäki


Elina holds a master's degree in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation from LSE. She is enthusiastic about applying her knowledge at work and learning new skills. Having lived a bit all around Europe (London, Paris, Helsinki and Berlin to name a few), Elina is all about discovering new places and living new experiences.

Henna Sertti


Henna is an industrial engineering and management student. Henna is always looking for new learning opportunities and new modes of understanding. During her free time she can be found exercising, reading and spending time outdoors.

Mia Martikainen


Mia is a customer support specialist with genuine passion for customer happiness. Mia is a big fan of outdoor activities, when she is not busy with her two children you can be sure to find her keeping active outside! Yoga and small DIY projects are also close to Mia's heart.

Pinja Kuosmanen


A Fullstack developer, who is equally comfortable working with APIs, data modeling and building services in the cloud. Pinja loves making a user interface look nice and shiny. Her background is in mathematics and AI. Pinja’s key interest is in applying intelligent, data-driven solutions to make things work at scale, in real-life scenarios. Other than that, Pinja's passions are running and dressage riding with her finnhorse Vili.

Yuvrajsinh Chudasama


Yuvraj is an ardent programmer and Machine Learning enthusiast with 4+ years of experience in processing & analyzing massive amounts of data. He believes in the power of data-driven insights and developing intelligent solutions to real-world problems using it. When he's not coding, you will find him trekking, exploring new places and reading novels. Additionally, Yuvraj is a huge fan of Football and Formula One racing.

Jukka Övermark


Jukka joined Sniffie as an intern while finishing his studies at Metropolia. He has been programming as a hobby for over ten years. Outside of work Jukka likes outdoor activities such as cycling.

Mika Kasanen - Growth Manager - Sniffie Software

Mika Kasanen


Mika serves to grow and expand customer relationships, collaborating with various teams to ensure customer needs are met. He also actively contributes to product-driven initiatives and monitors key growth metrics to provide valuable insights to the product and marketing team.

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