Our mission is to make product pricing simple for e-commerce and retail.

Our solution is an AI-driven pricing tool that knows exactly what your customers are willing to pay for your products.

About us sniffie software
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About Sniffie Software

Sniffie is a Helsinki-based company that delivers a data-driven, all-in-one pricing platform tailored for eCommerce.

We empower retail and eCommerce businesses to boost profitability through automated pricing solutions, leveraging our cutting-edge AI technology for full or partial automation. At the core of Sniffie is machine learning, transforming each transaction into valuable insights to understand your demand patterns. With Sniffie, you can manage all your eCommerce and omni-channel pricing workflows seamlessly.

Our SaaS service is available to customers worldwide, currently serving clients in 32 countries.

Kari Kauhanen Lumise CEO Pricing Automation Sniffie

Sniffie has been a super valuable investment that really has increased our profitability and reaction time. A must have tool for modern eCommerce companies.

Kari Kauhanen
CEO, Lumise

Company details

The company started operating in 2017.

Tomi Grönfors, CEO & Co-Founder

Niko Naakka, Principal Software Engineer

Tuomas Uutela, Director of Technical Customer Success 

Konsta Saarela, Director of the Board

Jakob Storå, member of the Board

Mikko Honkanen, member of the Board

Kimmo Naakka, member of the Board

Tomi Grönfors, member of the Board

The Sniffie office is located in:

Valimotie 17-19

00380 Helsinki


Register number

2709148-3 /  FI27091483

Company name: Sniffie Software Oy

Company code (y-tunnus): 2709148-3

OVT-code: 003727091483

Address: Valimotie 17-19, 00380 Helsinki

E-invoice number: 003727091483

Operator: Apix Messaging Oy

Operator code: 003723327487

Email: [email protected] 

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