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Full features list

Our price monitoring service is in most cases 20-30 times more efficient and precise than traditional price monitoring tools. Our philosophy is that we collect the pricing information with as little resources from the target websites as we can and do the big data matching in our service. This enables a flexible approach in collecting, organizing and analyzing the data.

Price per monthBusinessProfessionalCustom
Number of productsup to 6000up to 15000unlimited
Price point history3 months6 monthsunlimited
Maximum frequencyonce a day4 times a dayplanned together
Dynamic frequencyYes
Analytic toolsYesYesYes
Data enrichmentYesYesYes
Email reportsYesYesYes
Record modeYesYesYes
Dynamic serializationAdditional featureYesYes
Knowledge baseYesYesYes
Email and phone supportYesYesYes
Chat supportYesYesYes
Personal Customer Success ManagerYesYes
Product Feed APIYesYesYes
Web APIYesYes
SQL integrationYes
Other integrationsYes
Dedicated serversYes
Prioritized serviceYes
Page level extractionYes
Bot detection proofYesYesYes