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Motonet strengthens strategic pricing operations across the Nordics with Sniffie

Motonet x Sniffie Software

In a strategic move to strengthen its pricing operations across the Nordic region, Motonet, the service-oriented retailer catering to the motoring enthusiast, has broadened its partnership with Sniffie, a forerunner in pricing optimisation technology. This collaboration marks a significant step in Motonet’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service quality alongside competitively priced, profitable offerings through both its retail and omnichannel platforms in all three countries it operates (Finland, Sweden and Estonia).

After a meticulous evaluation process, Motonet has placed its confidence in Sniffie to overhaul its pricing operations. Leveraging Sniffie’s advanced automation and AI technology, Motonet will now be equipped to automatically determine, strategise, and forecast pricing strategies—from base pricing to promotional activities and clearance sales. This adoption across its Nordic operations ensures a harmonised pricing approach, facilitating knowledge exchange and uniformity in automated processes across teams.

Motonet also helps drivers with small repairs, and services with their Motomaatti service stations.
Picture: Motonet also helps drivers with small repairs, and services with their Motomaatti service stations.

Timo Hansio, Buying Director Broman Group of Broman Group comments, “We highly value the blend of cutting-edge technology and unmatched service excellence that Sniffie brings to the table.”

This enhancement enables Motonet to implement swift, seamless, and automated pricing adjustments underpinned by demand-driven forecasting, thereby elevating pricing precision, agility, and consistency. “In the contemporary retail landscape, pricing is a pivotal marketing lever. Effective and profitable pricing strategies are as crucial for success as top notch service attitude,” asserts Suvi Leinonen, COO of Sniffie.

About Motonet:

Originating from Finland, Motonet is a distinguished retail and omnichannel chain specialising in automotive parts and accessories for car enthusiasts. Renowned for its extensive product range and premium service quality, Motonet operates across three countries (Finland, Sweden and Estonia) in the Northern Europe region, reaching a turnover of €430 million.

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