Ecommerce Pricing Checklist

Ecommerce Pricing Checklist with 101 tips on how to improve your pricing

101 pricing tips we've learned on the way...

Tune your Ecommerce pricing to the hilt. Download our brand-new Ecommerce Pricing Checklist and ensure you understand what moves the needle in Ecommerce pricing.

First, supercharge your pricing team with top tips and tricks. Then, create processes, plans, and quick fixes that automatically increase your team’s understanding and knowledge of pricing.

See your development and impact to pricing on a dashboard...

See how every implemented change will impact your pricing on a simple dashboard. Collaborate with the team, share tasks, and then check the impact.


Ecommerce Pricing Checklist Dashboard to monitor the development and impact of your pricing actions

What is an Ecommerce Pricing Checklist?

An Ecommerce Pricing Checklist is a list of tasks and ideas to improve your Ecommerce pricing profitability. We go through 101 tips we have learned so far from areas such as:

  1. Buying and supply chain
  2. Understanding costs
  3. Setting up master data
  4. Understanding the competition
  5. Pricing strategy
  6. Dynamic pricing
  7. Optimizing profitability
  8. Campaigning
  9. Compliance and Legal

The checklist will help you organize your development efforts and find new ideas, processes, and assets to streamline your pricing.

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What you get...

Example tips with detailed instructions on our checklist:

  • Reverse engineer competitor pricing to understand their realistic purchase prices
  • Create an understanding of how much you spend on marketing per product
  • Take return % into costs when setting pricing
  • Find the competitors that are price leaders in the industry
  • Check that everyone in your marketing and pricing team understands what kind of pricing actions should be taken
  • Make sure KVI products are either manually accepted or have tight automation policies to avoid loss
  • Use smart AB testing or profit optimization to find the most optimal price points for your B- and C-level products