Ecommerce Pricing Checklist

Ecommerce Pricing Checklist from Sniffie

Ecommerce Pricing Checklist 101 pricing tips we’ve learned on the way… Tune your Ecommerce pricing to the hilt. Download our brand-new Ecommerce Pricing Checklist and ensure you understand what moves the needle in Ecommerce pricing. First, supercharge your pricing team with top tips and tricks. Then, create processes, plans, and quick fixes that automatically increase […]

Market Index Calculator

Market Index Calculator

Market Index Calculator Our Market Index Calculator allows you a very easy access to calculation the different market indices (CPI, MPI and MPI full) based on your market situation. What are these indices? Competitor Price Index (CPI) is an essential key performance indicator and also usually an abbreviation of consumer price index. However, there are multiple ways different […]

Master Data Mapping Tool

Master Data Mapping Tool Our master data mapping tool allows you to create a mapping ID for products between the different systems. Use the ID to plan how you can joint different datasources for your benefit. As most Ecommerce companies are selling many products, an understandable product data structure helps you to succeed in pricing.  When […]

Margin Tools

Sniffie Margin tools

Margin Tools Margins are crucial in pricing, to mention a few examples: Margins are looked at and used to price products, to analyze pricing data, to analyze businesses’ costs and sales and they can also be used as safeguards in pricing.  Moreover, effective pricing needs clear targets and boundaries.  For example the margin target is […]

Pricing Academy

Sniffie Pricing Academy

Sniffie Pricing Academy Sniffie Pricing Academy The one place to learn about E-commerce pricing. START LEARNING Pricing Academy Sniffie Pricing Academy is an open and free pricing knowledge platform for Sniffie customers and other pricing professionals to self-educate themselves to the world of E-commerce pricing. Currently, you can complete three separate courses on our pricing […]

Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator

Discount Pricing Campaign Simulator

Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator Use Campaign Pricing Simulator to calculate the outcome between two different campaign scenarios. The campaign pricing simulator uses demand modeling data generated by Sniffie AI. You can select your customers’ price sensitivity and play with different campaign prices to see immediate results. You can modify the demand from extremely price sensitive […]

Customer Lifetime Value Tool

Customer Lifetime Value Tool

Get the Customer Lifetime Value Calculator The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a valuable metric that shows the total amount of money a business expects a customer to spend on products and services. With our Customer Lifetime Value Tool you will be able to easily calculate the lifetime value of a customer and use it […]

Strategic Pricing Gateway Tool

Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator by Sniffie

Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator You can use Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator to understand how your market affects your sales volumes and prices. With our free, easy-to-use tool, you can calculate the profitable price range for your products. You can also use the tool to find  an optimal price point for your products.  With the tool you […]

Price Elasticity Tool

Price elasticity calculator

Price elasticity calculator for e-commerce & retail What if you could charge more – and increase margins and sales at the same time? By understanding your product’s price elasticity, you can do this, and more. Use this simple calculator to calculate your product’s price elasticity and understand how price changes affect your product’s price elasticity. […]

Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer Tool

Competitor Pricing Analyzer

Get the Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer The Competitor Pricing Strategy Analyzer is a free Google Sheets tool for businesses to gain a greater insight into the pricing strategies of their competitors. By entering the necessary information about your competitors, you can receive an in-depth analytics of your competitor pricing strategies, with visualised dashboards. With this tool […]