Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator

Calculate and compare your campaign outcomes

Utilizing demand modeling data generated by Sniffie’s AI, this simulator allows you to compare outcomes between two different campaign scenarios.

Adjust your customers’ price sensitivity and experiment with various campaign prices to observe immediate results. Modify customer demand from highly price-sensitive to price-agnostic.

Start simulating

  • Adjust customers’ price sensitivity and campaign prices
  • Analyze revenue and profit development at each stage
  • Optimize campaign pricing for maximum effectiveness

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Using the Campaign Pricing Simulator

With this simulator, you have two campaign scenarios to explore. Both start with a base price of 450€, and you have 30 days before the campaign begins to set a comparison price based on the EU’s Omnibus Directive. Key options to adjust include:

  1. Price set before the campaign: Determine the price for the 30 days before the campaign.
  2. Campaign discount %: Choose the discount percentage for your upcoming campaign.
  3. Returned price after the campaign: Set the price of your product after the campaign.


Finally, analyze the results through detailed analyses to understand how revenue and profit evolve at each stage. Each chart highlights three key areas for easy interpretation.

Unlock insights and optimize your campaign pricing strategy with our Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator today!