Discount Campaign Pricing Simulator

Use Campaign Pricing Simulator to calculate the outcome between two different campaign scenarios. The campaign pricing simulator uses demand modeling data generated by Sniffie AI. You can select your customers’ price sensitivity and play with different campaign prices to see immediate results. You can modify the demand from extremely price sensitive customers, to ones that price has no relevance. 

Once you have selected your customers’ price sensitivity, you have two campaign scenarios to play with. Both campaigns start at 450€. You have 30 days to set the price before the campaign begins to set a comparison price based on EU’s Omnibus Directive. The comparison price is always the lowest 30-day price your shop has offered. The options you have to change:


1. Price set before the campaign

What is the price for the 30 days before the campaign?

2. Campaign discount %  

What will be the campaign discount % in your upcoming campaign? 

3. Returned price After Campaign  

What will the price of your product after the campaign?


Finally, you can analyze the results between the scenarios from the detailed analyses and see how revenue and profit develop at each stage. Every chart has three highlighted areas. 

Discount Pricing Campaign Simulator