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Omnibus Directive Legal Research paper

EU has been preparing a directive (Directive 98/6/EC), more commonly known as the Price Indication Directive (‘PID’) or Omnibus Directive. This directive will set common rules on pricing to protect consumers in EU area for misleading pricing actions. This consumer protection initiative is going to set in force on the 28th of May 2022. The directive is large and handles other areas of consumer protection as well. This ebook examines mainly the implications for campaign pricing for retailers and online merchants.

The basic idea behind the Omnibus Directive Price Indication Directive (‘PID’) is to guarantee a high level of consumer protection in pricing, and make sure the information on prices are precise, transparent as well as unambiguous. For retailers and online merchants this directive will set new requirements and guidelines on how to show prices during campaigns. Our legal research paper goes into detail on how to prepare your pricing to be compliant with the Omnibus Directive. To see how to be compliant with your pricing ecosystem you can also visit our Pricing Campaign Tool, that is Omnibus Compliant.

Omnibus Directive Legal Reasearch Paper

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