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Achieve Better Pricing with Our Margin Tools

Margins play a critical role in pricing strategies, from setting product prices and analyzing sales data to evaluating business costs. Effective pricing requires clear targets and boundaries, which is where margin targets become essential. These targets help identify the acceptable gross margin range, enabling you to monitor and enforce pricing performance. By using margin tools, your team can aim for high margins and avoid excessive discounts.

Download 3 Sniffie Margin Tools:

  • Margin calculator
  • Margin target calculator
  • Margins vs margin targets

Get full access to all three tools

Margin Calculator

Use our Margin Calculator to understand how your price is in line with your costs and preferred margin target.

Put in your costs and preferred margin and see what would be an ideal price for your product.

Sniffie Margin Calculator
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Margin Target Calculator

With our Margin Target Calculator it is easy to realize how your price affects your margin target. 

Play around your price and see how the margin target actually works.

Sniffie Margin Target Calculator
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Margins vs Margin targets

This tool allows you to study how margin targets perform against actual margins. The tool also let’s you study how price changes effect margin targets on a weekly level.

Sniffie Margin Target vs Real Margin
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