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Dynamic Pricing - the truth behind the buzzword

Dynamic pricing is a hot topic when it comes to pricing but it’s often used as a buzzword in strategic plans rather than being implemented into the pricing strategy of a company. In this webinar, two pricing experts take a hard look at how time really should be taken into consideration when pricing and how to use this to improve your revenue.

When: 28.10.2020 at 1 pm, Helsinki time

Hosts: Erik Kaunismäki & Arhi Kivilahti

Webinar on dynamic pricing in ecommerce

Hosted by:

Arhi Kivilahti

Retail Strategy Consultant, ADA Insights

Erik Kaunismäki

Pricing Automation Consultant, Sniffie Software

Dynamic Pricing is a buzzword that’s hard to miss nowadays. What precisely makes a price dynamic? In our webinar we will look at the exact theory behind the term, what it means and how you can use this knowledge to price your products even more profitably.

Our guest will be Arhi Kivilahti, a pricing professional who has 15+ years of experience in the fields of eCommerce and retail. Arhi is currently working as a Retail Strategy Consultant and before that he was the Director of Development at KESKO from 2015 to 2018.  He will share his views on how time should be taken into consideration when pricing products.

We will discuss how you can split the price of your products into different components and improve your pricing by knowing and understanding the time component that forms a product´s price. Head into our blog for more.

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What you'll learn

1 – How price and time are connected

2 – How to think of time as a component in pricing more efficiently

3 – Approaches to model the (changing) preferences of your customers

4 – How to find simple solutions to complex problems

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