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Ethical issues of pricing

Do you think it is ethically acceptable that the price of face-masks is so high that some cannot afford them? Some pricing practices are of course illegal but many important things fall in an uncertain grey area and we as decision makers have to draw the line. In this webinar our hosts explore the ethical issues and consequences in pricing.

Aired: 10.11.2020

Hosts: Erik Kaunismäki & Arhi Kivilahti

Ethical issues of pricing webinar by Sniffie Software

Hosted by:

Arhi Kivilahti

Retail Strategy Consultant, ADA Insights

Erik Kaunismäki

Pricing Automation Consultant, Sniffie Software

Our guest will be Arhi Kivilahti, a pricing professional who has 15+ years of experience in the fields of eCommerce and retail. Arhi is currently working as a Retail Strategy Consultant and before that he was the Director of Development at KESKO from 2015 to 2018.  He will share his views on how pricing can be done ethically and what are some of the ethical controversies faced in pricing. We will cover areas such as how different cultures, laws and social norms affect pricing practices and what is perceived as ethically correct.

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What you'll learn

1 – Ethical issues that are not clear cut cases with simple examples

2 – How ethicality differs between countries and cultures

3 – How should you consider ethical aspects in your pricing

4 – What are some of the pitfalls when it comes to pricing ethically

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