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Pricing for people, not products

Pricing in both theory and practice tends to be very product focused. In this webinar we will be taking an alternative approach and look at pricing with a focus on the people who are buying your products.  

Aired: 14.10.2020

Hosts: Erik Kaunismäki & Arhi Kivilahti

Webinar Pricing for People

Hosted by:

Arhi Kivilahti

Retail Strategy Consultant, ADA Insights

Erik Kaunismäki

Pricing Automation Consultant, Sniffie Software

Our guest for this webinar was Arhi Kivilahti, a pricing professional who has 15+ years of experience in the fields of eCommerce and retail. Arhi is currently working as a Retail Strategy Consultant and before that he was the Director of Development at KESKO from 2015 to 2018. He will share his views on how pricing can be done for people, not for products and use real cases as examples.

We will discuss what pricing for people is in essence and why and how you should do it in the form of theory and in practice. After the webinar you will be able to answer the questions “For who am I pricing?” and “Who are the customers that are actually driving my business forward and how can I price my products in order to keep them as loyal and satisfied customers?”

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What you'll learn

1 – How to price for people instead of products

2 – An additional and profitable approach to pricing

3 – What you can gain by pricing for people, not products

4 – What kind of data is needed for one to be able to price for people

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