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Setting prices is simple, but knowing the right price point requires  a bit of knowledge. This book and the tool to go with it will give you all the information and secrets you need to know.  The book offers insights for eCommerce companies that are in highly price-sensitive markets and are considering dynamic pricing software.

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Profitable pricing in ecommerce

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You will learn: 

  • Why pricing is crucial in eCommerce
  • What  the Strategic Pricing Gateway-tool is and how it can benefit your business
  • How to calculate your own Strategic Pricing  Gateway
  • How to make profitable pricing decisions


What is the Strategic Pricing Gateway?

The strategic Pricing Gateway is a tool developed for finding the most profitable price point. It works as a calculator and tells you in what window your price should live in order for you to earn the maximum profit and for the consumer to find the price appealing. 

Why should you care about the Strategic Pricing Gateway?

Because all pricing actions done in your company have an overall effect on your company’s profitability and sales of other products. It is vital to understand what the optimum price is and where the gateway boundaries are to keep your product pricing profitable.

What does price elasticity mean and why do I need to know about it?

Price elasticity is a term used to describe the way consumers, individuals or producers respond to changes in price with changes in the demand or supply of a product. Without understanding the concept of price elasticity it is impossible to understand how much you are able to change the prices of your products and where the optimal point is.


What will happen when you follow the tips in the book?

After reading this book and implementing the learnings you will have a secure pricing strategy that will benefit your business and help you make future decisions regarding pricing.

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