Basics of Markdown Pricing Ebook

Markdown Pricing Software - improve profits and make less waste

Sniffie EBOOK Basics of Markdown Pricing Maintaining a good level of inventory has been a significant struggle for retailers. If the supply is lower than the demand, it might lead to loss in sales. But when the stock levels are high compared to the demand, it reduces shelf space and decreases the cash flow. This […]

Omnibus Directive Legal Research Paper Ebook

Omnibus Directive Legal Reasearch Paper

Sniffie EBOOK LEGAL RESEARCH PAPER Omnibus Directive Legal Research paper EU has been preparing a directive (Directive 98/6/EC), more commonly known as the Price Indication Directive (‘PID’) or Omnibus Directive. This directive will set common rules on pricing to protect consumers in EU area for misleading pricing actions. This consumer protection initiative is going to […]

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Sales Season – eBook

Preparing for sales season ebook that helps you to fine tune you pricing campaigns.

Sniffie ebooks How to prepare for the upcoming sales season The ultimate sales season guide for e-commerce and retail. Instead of receiving a bad name for not being able to deliver during the sales season, make sure you are able to capitalize on the opportunities sales seasons bring with them by knowing how to properly […]

AI in pricing – eBook

Ebook cover AI in Pricing copy

Ebook: AI in Pricing “The AI-revolution is not coming. It has already arrived. This book will give you a world-class peek into how it is changing pricing and what it can do for YOUR bottom line!” To learn how AI (and specifically reinforcement learning) is shaping pricing in e-commerce, fill out the form and read […]

Profitable Pricing in eCommerce 2020 – eBook new

Profitable pricing in ecommerce

Profitable pricing in eCommerce Download our free 20-page ebook below.  Become a pricing genius! Setting prices is simple, but knowing the right price point requires  a bit of knowledge. This book and the tool to go with it will give you all the information and secrets you need to know.  The book offers insights for […]