Sniffie Enterprise Package

Enterprise Product Pricing Made Simple

Sniffie’s Enterprise Package is designed for large eCommerce and retail companies, offering powerful tools to optimize your pricing. With the Enterprise Package, you can:

  • Identify the best prices for your products based on historical data and price fluctuations.
  • Adjust prices, launch campaigns, implement dynamic pricing, and create automations to maximize profits.
  • Use the price simulator tool to compare various pricing scenarios.
  • Make swift adjustments and monitor your pricing performance in real-time.

Enterprise Package

Your package includes

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Joonas Kauti. BHG Group Taloon ja Netrauta

“Say the least, Sniffie is a must-have tool for us. We are super happy Sniffie users! The automation level and sophistication of Sniffie’s AI models have helped us to make better profitability and increase our ability to be a fully data-driven company.”

Joonas Kauti
Commercial Director, BHG Group ( /