Pricing Compliance and Legal

Our pricing compliance and legal module allows you to skip the massive fines and set prices that follow the legal guidelines and that you have a track record for all compliance issues.


Are we doing our pricing legally right?

Make sure your pricing actions do not violate any laws or consumer board directives. We cover also European Unions Omnibus-directive. So next time you run a campaign it also takes that into account.


Just make sure you do the right thing.

Pricing products is really much psychologically driven. Using tricks that are legal might be tempting to use, but in the end, are illegal. We make sure you won’t do those.

Always on

Sniffie monitors your product pricing all the time and makes sure your new prices comply with the needed legislation.

You don't have to do anything

The module does all the work. You can just relax.

New regulations added all the time

We add new legislation that affects your price setting.

We keep your back

Every single price change you make is logged. Who made it, when and how the price was created.

Only for Shopify stores

Keep your pricing compliant with EU’s Omnibus Directive.

The Omnibus Pricing App tracks the running 30-day lowest price point and automatically considers discount codes to make sure your sale price is always shown with the right 30-day lowest price.

+ 14 day free trial!

Direct Shopify integration for our pricing campaign tool

Works well, easy to install & use. Quick response & great customer service from the support when needed.

Halti verkkokauppa

The app does exactly what it is supposed to and gives customers the information required by Omnibus directive. Easy installation and use.


Really good app to add omnibus price in online store. The app has worked great. I recommend this app.

Very nice app to be in compliance with Omnibus directive. I recommend!

Works great and gets the job done. Simple set-up and use, there has been no need to contact support once. Recommend.


Sniffie is super smooth to use, it was very easy to install it and add to the product page. The support quickly answered to our questions and cleared our doubts. It is exactly what we needed to respect the new EU directive. We recommend this app!

Melvin & Hamilton

Easy setup and price follow up! Looks good on site.

I will be happy to recommend this app to everyone!


Rajala Camera Pricing is made with Sniffie

“We’re using Sniffie in four web stores in two countries. Sniffie helps us keep our pricing competitive yet profitable in a market where consumers are extremely price sensitive”

Juhani Toppari
Marketing Director, Rajala Camera

You set a new price, we check it's ok.

How Omnibus Directive is changing campaign pricing in EU

Sniffie’s Pricing Campaign Tool is Omnibus Directive complaint. We gathered a legal research and you are able to get further information on the topic by visiting the Omnibus Directive Legal Reaseach landing page. 

Price tags with head in the cloud

Loved by our customers

The only repricing software you need for your ecommerce business. With a proven track record and super-happy customers.

"We work in a very competitive market and have been using Sniffie in our pricing for several years to secure our profitability and growth."

So what does it cost?

Pricing is important. We are no different. So we have laid down our pricing and packages full open. Check what suits you and pick the one to start. With 90-days moneyback guarantee.

90 days guarantee for all dynamic product pricing software customers


Integrate to any platform

Just plug your e-commerce platform, ERP or PIM into Sniffie. Sniffie operates as your pricing master and starts pulling data from your systems and learning from both past and new transactions — and you’re ready to start optimizing your prices.

Sniffie's Shopify Omnibus Pricing App for Price Indication Directive Compliance

Plug-and-play integrations

90 days guarantee for all dynamic product pricing software customers

90 days moneyback guarantee

Our promise to you. If you don’t see the benefits, or like our service, you have 90 days from the start to get your money back. Why, you might ask? Because we love our customers and do understand that you want us to be good for it.

Vladi, a happy customer.

“In the world of fast changing prices Sniffie has helped us to save time and earn higher revenues with price monitoring. It is a vital part of our weekly management routines”


Vladimir Tokoi Sniffie price monitoring customer


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Most frequent questions and answers​

We check that the prices you set are inline with the legislation. There are still many other things your pricing includes that you must be vary.   

When you buy the module your integration is set so that we can monitor also the details from the legislation purposes. So as long as your integration brings us the details you are covered.