Forecast-driven price adjustments

Plan your price changes with easy scenario-based simulations​.


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Only run profitable pricing strategies

Plan your pricing strategies and compare up to 5 different scenarios. Simulate outcomes for each scenario to evaluate the potential impact on demand, revenue, and profitability.

Forecast with scenarios
Set forecasts live

instant price changes

Set your strategy live effortlessly

Select the optimal forecasted scenario and implement it immediately without switching views.

impactful analytics

Visualize your price changes

Track performance metrics in real-time and optimize your strategies for maximum impact, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Future forecast graphs

To new heights with sophisticated automation and AI models

Read how BHG Group manages all their pricing automatically for their e-commerce brands and and the large product portfolios of the brands.  

Key Benefits of Scenario Forecasting

See results live

Immediately see the impact of your price or spenditure changes on dashboards.

Few click setup

Run prices live with one click. Immediately or timed into the future that you predicted.

Save simulations

Create as many simulations as you want, draft, share, and come back to them later.