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State of the Art Pricing Tools for Ecommerce

Sniffie Business Package is designed for larger E-commerce companies. Business Package enables You to find the best price for your products based on your pricing history and price changes. You can change prices, create campaign, create automations and optimize your profits. Make quick changes and see how your pricing is performing. Take your first step towards profitable product pricing.

Business Package 1479 €/month

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Customer testimonial

The results with Sniffie have been fantastic. We have secured significantly more sales and profit. I am super happy with Sniffie as a SaaS service.

It is a strategic tool for us, that we are eager to develop with Sniffie team. I’ve been teasing the CEO that our strategic co-operation is on that importance, that as outdoor people, we should make a planning trip to Lofoten islands. In conclusion, I can say that we have been very satisfied with the platform and its development, and I can warmly recommend it to other ecommerce owners as well.”

Tomi Kottonen, Founder, Hyvinvoinnin Tavaratalo

Tomi Kottonen Hyvinvoinnin Tavaratalo