Sniffie Advanced Package

State of the Art Pricing Tools for Ecommerce

Sniffie’s Advanced Package is designed for larger eCommerce companies, offering comprehensive tools to enhance your pricing. With the Advanced Package, you can:

  • Determine the optimal prices for your products using historical data and price changes.
  • Adjust prices, launch campaigns, create automations, and implement dynamic pricing to boost your profits.
  • Make swift adjustments and monitor your pricing performance in real-time.


Take your first step towards maximizing your profitability with our Advanced Package.

Advanced Package 989€ / month

Your package includes

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Justin Zarabi Director New Business Development at FAM LLC

“It used to be very time consuming having to think what’s the optimal price for this product (x) should I reduce it, should I not reduce it but with this tool we’re able to outsource the decision making to the AI and we don’t have to break our head on it.”

Justin Zarabi
Director New Business Development, FAM Brands