Shopify Meetup Helsinki – Boosting Profits with Shopify Plus: Mastering Margins

Representatives from industry giants like Shopify Plus, Woolman, Klevu, Klaviyo, Recharge and more will be presenting, along with in-depth Shopify Plus case studies. These seasoned professionals promise a session rich in expertise and valuable takeaways.

Helsinki, known for its beautiful archipelago, Nordic design, and tech-savvy citizens, is now also home to an exclusive Shopify Plus meetup that’s geared to take your ecommerce understanding to the next level!

  • Friday 13th of October at 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM + afterwork
  • Valimotie 17-19, Helsinki
  • No entrance fee

From Start to Finish: A Day Packed with Insights

Event Agenda

We would like to welcome you to the seminar. You can find registration and name tags at the entrance. The auditorium is located on the 2nd floor. Our staff will help you find the hall.

  • recommends and hosts the start of the event.
  • Come early to register, network with like-minded professionals, and recharge for an enlightening experience.
  • Our program promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your e-commerce success to the next level.
  • Brief introduction to the significance of the event, introduction of the partners of the day.
  • Speaker: Aino Virolainen, Head of Commercial Unit eCommerce at Fazer Confectionary. 
  • With a strong sales and leadership background from brand companies (including LEGO) and the CPG industry, Aino brings a wealth of experience to the table. Over the past three years, she has delved into the world of eCommerce, both in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Direct-to-Business (D2B) realms, leading the online candy shop charge.
  • Speaker: Anne Moulet, Customer Success Lead at Woolman 
  • Importance of profitability in the economic landscape, highlighting the role of technological advancements and trade secrets that power businesses on Shopify Plus
  • Speaker: Tomi Grönfors, Co-founder & CEO at Sniffie, Sniffie makes product pricing simple and smarter for Shopify merchants
  • How to set profitable pricing and discounts with the power of AI in Shopify Plus stores. Learn how to harness your transactional data to gain invaluable demand insights for co-operation between marketing, product and pricing teams.
  • Svea brings the payment intermediary’s perspective to the discussion of ecommerce and profitability and responsibility. What is crucial in 2023, and what do they recommend focusing on? What insights are key when looking ahead to the year 2024?
  • Heli Kettunen works as a product manager at Svea Payments with payments in ecommerce as her main responsibility. When it comes to platforms, payment methods or PSP services in general, she is your go-to person. Heli has a background with versatile experience from  international sales to operations management. Currently she focuses on developing user friendly payment flows for both Finnish and Nordic Shopify users as well as developing Svea’s service selection to meet the changing environment of the world of payments.  Her free time outside of work and family she enjoys spending with books and horses.
  • Speaker: Roman Zenner – Enterprise Architect at Shopify
  • In this talk, Roman Zenner, will share why Shopify’s constant innovation makes it the most flexible and scalable commerce platform for merchants to drive revenue and take their business to the next level.
  • Speaker: Ellie is a Strategic Technology Partner Manager at Klaviyo, working in the ecommerce industry for the past 6 years with leading technology solutions across EMEA to power stronger integrated solutions for ecommerce businesses.
  • Uncover the integration secrets of Klaviyo with Shopify Plus, focusing on email marketing strategies to boost margins.
  • Speaker: Mairaid is an ecommerce professional with five years of experience, initially starting in a customer success role and later transitioned into partnerships. She is deeply passionate about ecommerce and takes great pride in helping retailers discover the true value of Product Discovery.
  • Klevu’s search & product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion, and loyalty for e-commerce websites while reducing bounce rates.
  • Learn how Klevu AI site search increases search-led conversion by up to 52% by always delivering the right search results. 
  • Speaker: Neil Forrest is a Senior Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias. Prior to joining, Neil worked with Gorgias in his role as a Digital Consultant for ecommerce agencies to help deliver growth for DTC brands. Having worked across multiple ecommerce platforms, Neil found himself specialising in Shopify Plus and has launched his own ecommerce brand, Tartan Scarf Co to sustainably design and manufacture scarves in the Scottish Highlands, in turn becoming a true evangelist for customer experience.
  • The best merchants grow through exceptional customer service. How to increase conversion rates by turning visitors into shoppers and unlock sales from support via live chat, text, and social media.
  • Speaker: Jenni Homer, Director, Retail at Nanso
  • Discover the journey of Nanso in the e-commerce realm and how they utilize Shopify Plus for brand growth.
  • Jenni is a seasoned fashion and retail professional with over 20 years in the industry, mainly within the Nordics, Baltics and UK. Throughout her career she had stops at companies like Levi Strauss & Co., Urban Outfitters, ALDO Group, Formark UK and Esprit before joining Nanso Group in April 2018.
  • Speaker: Ryan Forster from Recharge. Recharge power the growth of thousands of subscription merchants, as well as their communities
  • The state of Subscription Commerce Study – Subscription expert and pioneer Recharge presents their conducted study! Discover how merchants of all sizes and verticals performed in 2022, as well as the tactics they used to create deeper, more valuable customer relationships.
  • 6th floor / lobby
  • Enjoy an evening of drinks and further networking opportunities with fellow Shopify Plus merchants, brand representatives, and technology specialists.
  • PostNord is a provider of postal services operating mainly in the Nordic countries, and they will lead the event participants to an after-work gathering and a more relaxed evening. PostNord hosts afterparties where it’s possible to engage in discussions with experts from all partners. Meeting rooms have been reserved for us to use, there will be food and drinks, and, of course, networking opportunities within the network.

Beyond the speaker sessions, the essence of the Shopify Plus meetup lies in its vibrant community. A melting pot of merchants, partners, and aficionados, it’s the ultimate venue to exchange ecommerce wisdom. Whether you’re a Shopify Plus merchant or on the fence about joining the ecosystem, this is your golden ticket.

But, heads up! With only three seats per company, make sure to book your spot as soon as possible.


As the sun sets on our day of discovery, the night is young and ripe for deeper connections. The official Shopify Meetup afterparty is where relaxed conversations flow, punctuated by the clink of glasses and the laughter of newfound friends. With complimentary refreshments on the house, here’s your chance to mingle with the who’s who of ecommerce. An unmissable close to an unforgettable day!

Join us in Helsinki and be part of an ecommerce revolution. Elevate your business, engage with pioneers, and embark on a journey of endless ecommerce possibilities. 
See you in the heart of Finland!  🚀

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