Grow your e-commerce profits predictably with demand-based pricing

Ditch the gut feeling –  let our AI-powered pricing tool find the optimal price point for your products based on market demand. If your profit margins won’t increase by at least 5% during the first three months, you’ll get a full refund. Read more about ROI & results here or book a demo to get started!


Pricing done right is the #1 profitability driver in e-commerce

Pricing is the only thing that affects your profitability immediately

Like it or not, every single pricing decision affects your  profits and bottom line immediately – be it a price change or simply doing nothing. With Sniffie’s AI-powered pricing tool, you can be confident that you’re not making unprofitable pricing decisions without even realizing it.

Ditch the gut feeling – AI finds the right price point based on demand

Finding the most profitable price point, keeping track of market changes, avoiding market cannibalization, optimizing your stock levels… Simply impossible to do manually for all of your products, but a child’s play for Sniffie’s AI-powered pricing tool. All this in a simple view!

Learn how AI-powered dynamic pricing can help you maximize profits with no manual work

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Easy to set up with plug-and-play integrations

Just plug your e-commerce platform into Sniffie. Sniffie starts pulling data from your systems and learning from both past and new transactions — and you’re ready to start optimizing your prices.

Magento integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation
Shopify integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation

Get results like this for your e-commerce business

We’re so confident it works we have a full refund policy if your margins don’t increase at least 5% during the first 90 days. Read more about ROI & results here or book a demo to get started!