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Pricing is increasingly important in both ecommerce and retail. Sniffie is a comprehensive pricing platform that offers: Pricing Automation, Price Optimization using AI and Price Monitoring.

Pricing automation and price optimization
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How does pricing automation improve your business?

Keep your product prices optimized and generate better profits with automated pricing strategies. With pricing automation you can fully control how you react on both competitor pricing and internal data. With Sniffie you can change prices on the go, or let Sniffie automatically change your ecommerce product pricing based on market situation. Whatever suits you.

Make better pricing decisions with Sniffie’s simple, yet elegantly detailed Price Matrix and Dashboards. Have the market data at hand all the time and know what the real market price is.

Price suggestion and decision making tree in pricing 

Get automatic pricing suggestions based on your strategy, market pricing and a decision making tree to show how the price is calculated. You are able to modify your strategies, set safeguards and pricing terms based on your external and internal data.

With Sniffie’s machine learning you are able to find the best price point automatically. Just connect Sniffie to your ecommerce platform and let it test your pricing and find out what the highest profit and price point is.



Our pricing automation solution

Pricing automation

Optimize your product pricing with simple, yet clever pricing strategies and change the pricing automatically. Set strategies, plan campaigns and see profitable results, all in one software.

AI-based price optimization

Sniffie’s price optimization algorithm optimizes your product prices based on revenue and profit. Let the machine do the hard work, while still remaining in control.

Price monitoring

We monitor the market pricing for you on as many websites and as many products as you wish. You will be able to view the data easily in our price matrix and make swift analysis.

Google Shopping-integration

With Sniffie you can automate your Google Shopping feed and make sure your price changes are visible instantly. No more losing converting customers in Google Shopping.

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Customer happiness is our happiness

In the world of fast changing prices Sniffie has helped us to save time and earn higher revenues with price monitoring. It is a vital part of our weekly management routines.

VLadimir Tokoi, CEO

In highly price competitive tire business we get invaluable pricing information from our operating countries with Sniffie. Direct integration to our ERP makes market pricing available for all staff.

Juho Planting, CIO

Become a pricing Ninja.

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.


Combine pricing automation easily with your existing systems, ERP and programs

These are just some of the integrations our pricing automation service supports. In most cases we are able to offer tailor made integrations to meet your needs.

Shopify integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation
Magento integration for Sniffie Pricing Automation
Microsoft Excel integration for Sniffie Pricing automation
Pricing analytics integration for Google Sheets
Google Shopping integration for Sniffie pricing automation
Sniffie Pricing Analytics integration for Tableau

Become a pricing ninja!

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we did the hard work for you. Becoming a superstar in pricing is not that hard. You just need the best pricing automation software with the markets leading price monitoring and pricing optimization capabilities. A fast and intuitive pricing tool to complement your decision making. Thankfully Sniffie does all this, and we do it very well. Let pricing automation perform the heavy lifting fo you, so that you can focus on increasing margins on every sale you make! 

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