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This is our #CX strategy with one sentence. Yesterday we were happy to see how we live, breathe and share the same values with our customers as well as with their partners. , erp system for e-retailers, strengthens our offering in Sweden by opening up another integration to their system. 

Eseco published an article about Sniffie on their websites. Here’s a translation of the article, link to the original story can be found from the end of this post about Eseco and Sniffie.


Pricing optimization for customers in Sweden – Eseco and Sniffie

“Pricing can be difficult. Especially in the current day with all of the price comparison sites that each and every consumer has an easy access to. With our new connection between the Nemo business system and Sniffie’s pricing automation tool , you’re able to sit back and enjoy while they solve the issue of pricing for you!

With the help of AI, Sniffie uses profit optimization to automatically find the best price for your products. This allows you to avoid manually keeping track of all your competitors’ prices as Sniffie compares market prices while prioritizing a sustainable profit margin for your products. You can choose to let Sniffie change your product prices directly as a completely automated process, or if you want to stay in control you can choose to receive price recommendations from Sniffie and manually approve the changes.

In addition to pricing, you can also see the prices of your specific competitors and what their inventory values of each product looks like. In this way, Sniffie can also help you make decisions based on concrete data.”

You can find the original articles from Eseco’s site.

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