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App Update: Discount selection for Omnibus Pricing App

After closely listening to your valuable feedback, we’re introducing an eagerly awaited update to the Omnibus Pricing App: the bespoke discount selection feature. This enhancement is not just an addition; it’s a game-changer in how you determine your products’ lowest prior price.

Why do you need discount selection?

Traditionally, our app has diligently included all Shopify discounts in the calculation of your product’s lowest 30-day prior price. This encompasses both discount codes and automatic discounts that are available to every customer within a specific timeframe. However, aligning with the EU directive that only advertised and universally accessible discounts should factor into such calculations, we spotted a nuanced challenge. Essentially, a discount could technically be available to all but if it wasn’t actively marketed to everyone, should it influence your pricing strategy?

When to use it and how?

This is where our latest feature steps in. Now, within the Omnibus Pricing App settings, you’ll find a new section dedicated to customizing which discounts should be considered in your calculations.
Imagine you’re using a loyalty app that churns out numerous discount codes, yet only a select few are promoted to all customers. With the new “Include selected discounts” option, you can now cherry-pick the discounts that truly matter. The result? Only your selected discounts will impact the calculations, ensuring both precision and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Discount selection for Omnibus Pricing App
Discount selection in the Omnibus Price App

Important Considerations

The first consideration is naturally most critical. If you “clean” your pricing history by excluding real discounts, you might be violating the EU directive.
The second aspect is less critical but important to remember. Newly introduced discounts will not automatically find their way into your settings. Should you opt to include or exclude certain discounts from the calculation process, it’s essential to manually update your settings within the Omnibus Pricing App each time you introduce new discounts.

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