New Pricing Dashboards in Sniffie

Upcoming features highlighted

Highlight on new Sniffie features

We’ve truly transformed your pricing experience with our latest update. Firstly with the upcoming features, now in staging, you can effortlessly view and manage product data, explore your pricing workflows, and gain full ownership over the pricing landscape. Secondly you will be able to use demand-based pricing, see live results on dashboards and improve you ROI (return on investment) in pricing. 

Highlighted features:

  • Improved data tables with new filtering
  • Specialized machine learning models for different use cases
  • Pricing dashboards
  • Pricing with live demand
  • Omnibus support for campaigns


1. Improved product data tables

When you are pricing a high number of products it is vital that you can quickly drill down to right products. Then select the right products and set those into pricing workflows immediately. Finally you can manage products in different workflows from the same view and make adjustments when needed. 

The improved product data tables gives you a super easy access to any of your product related data from one simple view. With the product data tables you can control all your internal product data, product groups, campaigns, strategies, price changes and competitors. To make the use even simpler we updated our products filters. Filters that are simple, intuitive and include all columns from a one view. 

Finally we separated product views so that your main view shows only your products. You can find competitors’ products from a separate view, if needed. 

Quick pricing workflows from the catalogue

Align your pricing team and level-up your pricing profitability with new pricing workflows and dashboards. Set products immediately to different pricing workflows from the product catalogue. The options for different pricing workflows are:

  1. One time price change with rules
  2. Dynamic pricing strategies
  3. Discount campaigns 
  4. Markdown campaigns
  5. Profit optimization
  6. Markdown optimization
  7. Smart A/B testing

Finally all pricing workflows are equipped we premade settings to simplify the user experience. Just select the workflow and give the actions you want, and you are good to go. 

Machine learning models with premade settings

We fine-tuned our machine learning models to include premade settings. That means you can use premade setups for different purposes. Run markdown campaigns or optimize product profitability just by selecting the workflow. All your products can also be put to automatic demand analyzer that works on the background.

By studying our customer usage we saw that there were certain settings that already gave the wanted end results. For more robust use cases, you are still able to modify our machine learning from simple settings.  

Pricing and profitability dashboards

Sniffie is dedicated to make your pricing simple. When pricing your products, you also want to see how profitable it will be. The new pricing dashboards are the answer. You can create premade dashboards or generate personal dashboards with selected widgets to drill down into your profitability and pricing on any level you want. It is easy to get where you want when you know where you are going.

Pricing with live demand

Especially in times of high inflation, pricing matters. Price too high and you lose the volumes. Price too low and you make a loss. Knowing your market situation with the real insights on your actual demand is the key to success. Now you can quickly check what your demand is and how your competitors are positioned on the same view. This offers you an opportunity to plan prices before you make them. With all the data you really need. This feature is called price simulator, the name tells it all. We are including also a feature to set a bulk price change based on your demand during the summer, so your work comes even simpler.

Improved filtering

Improved filtering is also developed based on customer feedback. Easier handling means quicker results. Instead of having advanced filtering options you have now quick filters and a general filter for all your columns in your database. Very intuitive, understandable and the initial feedback has been a success!

Campaign tool updates

Running campaigns in EU area will change as EU’s new Omnibus Directive will set strict rules on new ways to show previous prices and comparison prices. These updates will be included in Sniffie’s new campaign tool update. The campaign module will automatically calculate the Omnibus prices and also include the discount codes needed. Your integration will immediately be updated with new compare at price, 30 day lowest price with all needed details.