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What means cooling-off period in dynamic pricing?
The Eu’s new Omnibus Directive has created increased transparency for consumers when it comes to...
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How to forecast discount campaigns with forecast module
Discount campaigns can be a powerful tool in a marketeer’s arsenal, driving customer engagement...
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Dynamic ABC Analysis: Powering Your Product Portfolio Management
In the constantly evolving world of e-commerce, effectively managing your product portfolio can be a...
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3 key metrics to set targets for a discount campaign
Setting clear, well defined targets for your discount campaign is one of the most essential steps in...
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The pros and cons of dynamic pricing for your Shopify Store
Dynamic pricing for your Shopify store can be a powerful tool when you are looking to optimize your revenue...
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What is a seasonal product, and how to optimize pricing and profitability for the upcoming season?
We all know Christmas sales can be manic for retail and Ecommerce. The same goes for bikini sales in...
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