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google Shopping optimization using price monitoring

How to use price monitoring data to optimize Google Shopping

Google is playing an increasingly important role in everything that happens online. And shopping is no exception. Google Shopping has become a staple in the online selling process. No matter what product you’re selling, if you want your ecommerce business to succeed, Google Shopping is a must. When people search for a product using the…
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Early stage programme

Sniffie’s Early Stage Programme

There are over 150 million start-ups all over the world, and on average, 137,000 start-ups emerge every day.  The question that remains is how many start-ups will survive the enormous amount of challenges they will face at a very young age? Some of the challenges that most start-ups face are fierce competition, unrealistic expectations, hiring…
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market cannibalization formula

Customer Lifetime Value, Its Benefits And How To Boost It

Customer lifetime value (CLV) represents the amount of money a customer spends on your business, products and services in their lifetime. According to research by Bain & Co., customer acquisition is 6-7 times more expensive than customer retention. CLV helps businesses come up with marketing and sales strategies to keep customers loyal, as it answers…
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Make profit with Sniffie

How to build a profitable market-based pricing strategy

To understand the process of building a profitable market-based strategy, you must first understand what market-based pricing strategy is based on. Market-based pricing: It is a pricing strategy in which businesses set the prices of their product/services after studying the competitor prices, and market trends of their respective industries. The other name for the market-based…
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Sniffie performing maintenece

[RESOLVED] Tech Team Solving Possible Decreased Write Times in Storage Pods

The decreased write times in certain storage pods is solved. The issue was solved in 41 minutes after the initial notice. The service is now fully working for everyone. 6.25am EET: First reports of possible issues with decreased write times relayed to Sniffie engineering. We apologize for this incident. 6.37am EET: After an in-depth investigation,…
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We are performing database maintenance this weekend.

Scheduled database maintenance 31.1.-2.2.2020

We are going to do some database maintenance tasks during the upcoming weekend. Maintenance starts on Friday 1.1.2020 at 6pm EST and ends on Sunday 2.2.2020 by 11.59pm EST. No service interruptions are expected, but some slowdowns may occur at times. We we will keep you posted on this next weekend. Have a nice week!

Sniffie nominated in E-com awards Germany

Sniffie nominated for E-commerce Germany Awards 2020

German E-commerce Awards 2020 are approaching and Sniffie is nominated in the “BEST INNOVATION”-category. E-commerce Germany Awards gathers successful companies fighting for prestigious awards in ten different categories. VOTE FOR US This year Sniffie is nominated in the E-commerce Awards in the BEST INNOVATION – category and we couldn’t be more excited about this! We’ve…
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Christmas tree

Sniffie preparing for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner With Christmas holidays approaching, the Sniffie-team is preparing to wrap up this year. It has been an eventful year to say the least. We’ve been to trade shows, presented Sniffie at events and worked harder than ever to develop Sniffie to new heights! During the past year Sniffie has…
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Release list sniffie

Product Update December 4, 2019

[new] Data editorThe initial idea for building a tool for editing your product catalog right in the app came before we even started building the current Sniffie App, about two years ago. Now, after a few months of development, we can proudly present the much anticipated Data Editor. With the Data Editor we want to…
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Sniffie webinars

Webinar 10.12.2019 – Using the Price Matrix efficiently

In this webinar you´ll learn the 3-step process to automate Price Matrix effectively and to understand how you can maintain competitive advantage in the market. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get your team onboard with these trade secrets from Sniffie team.

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