Startup Programme

One thing that an early e-commerce startup certainly needs is profitable pricing. That is why we decided to build an Early Stage Programme. Eligible early stage e-commerce companies get Sniffie’s pricing automation solution with full support. 

All at a startup-friendly price of up to 60% off for the first year and 30% for the second.


This, and more, is what you get with Sniffie

Know the right price

Get live market data using Sniffie’s price monitoring service and base your pricing decisions on actual data, not just gut feeling. Just tell us your competitors and the products you want to follow and we will do the rest. 

Set automated pricing strategies

Create pricing strategies easily with Sniffie’s pricing automation tool. Base them on market data, rules or a combination of both. Use ready made safeguards and see forecasts before setting the strategy.


Easy analytics views are an integral part of Sniffie. You are able to customize the dashboards to show exactly the information that you need in order to make more informed decisions for your business. 

Changes prices on the go

With Sniffie’s mobile app you will receive price suggestions 24/7 and can approve them on the go, making sure your pricing is always optimal.

Customer stories

Customer happiness is our happiness

In the world of fast changing prices Sniffie has helped us to save time and earn higher revenues with price monitoring. It is a vital part of our weekly management routines.

Vadimir Tokoi, CEO

In highly price competitive tire business we get invaluable pricing information from our operating countries with Sniffie. Direct integration to our ERP makes market pricing available for all staff.

Juho Planting, CIO

Smart pricing is the key to startup success

When it comes to early-stage profitability, your pricing can make it or break it


Pricing is the only thing that affects your bottom line, immediately

Every e-commerce owner knows it. You can only grow your business when the business is profitable. In that effort, pricing automation solution is all you need. Know market pricing at all times, follow your strategy and change prices when the market change triggers your strategies.

Value benefits

Three reasons to trust us


Automated strategies build better profitability for your business.


Immediate updates to Google Shopping makes you 6-8 hours faster than your compeition.


We tell you how much money you are making with every move.

Startup programme

Eligibility reguirements

Early stage

Up to 2M€ in revenue or less than 3 years old.

Small use case

100 main products matched to competitors.

Small team

Less than 7 employees and 2 users.

New to Sniffie

Not currently a Sniffie user.

Become a pricing Ninja.

Let us show you around.

promotional pricing

Immediate insight, better profitability and more conversions

Sniffie startup programme is designed specifically for young e-commerce companies which are bootstrapping their business and need the best tools, strategy and support for fueling their growth. From day one, profitable pricing is now at your fingertips. We know what it takes to grow. So that is why we started this programme.

Startup programme

Here's what's included...

Managed service support

Enjoy our world class Customer Success Management teams support and knowledge on how to build profitable pricing. Our CSM team will be there for you in the chat, they will jump on a video call when needed or send you tips and tools. Everything just to secure better profitability for your business.

Tools that the big players use

Sniffie’s Pricing Automation Solution is a full suite software for pricing automation, price monitoring and price oriented marketing. Start with a smaller number of products and extend the usage while you grow. All at a startup-friendly price of up to 60% off on the first year and 30% on the second.

Tips for better pricing

World class content, customer webinars, events and training at your fingertips. Understand how your products should be priced and get into testing with our R&D programme. Try out AI for price optimization and get insights into the eCommerce pricing.

Invaluable insights that help you grow

The data gathered using Sniffie will be invaluable to your young company and will turn your decision making from something based on a hunch to prude data-driven decisions.


1000+ user accounts have thaught us that it takes to make it

We support e-commerce and retail companies from one man bands to multi billion euro retail companies. Our growth is based on growing with these companies and making their pricing more profitable. Join us as an e-commerce startup partner and get access to the tools of the trade that are used by the best to optimise their pricing.

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