Monitor your market

Learn how to monitor your market correctly with Sniffie.

Turn your customers eyes to your shop by offering them the right products with the right price.

With our price monitoring you make sure you have the same view to the market as your customers with their smart devices. Follow your competitors against your set pricing strategy and continue to rule the market with our intel. Whether it’s a permanent price change, or just a campaign, you’ll be ready to respond, if you wish to.

With competitor price monitoring, tailored to your needs you are able to increase the amount of purchases, upsells, and grow customer loyalty. And the best part is – it’s simple.

To secure even more power to your pricing and marketing, use the Sniffie tools to understand if the changes on the market are ones you should even care about and then automate it. Launch Google Ads campaigns based on the actual market situation and make sure your communication promotes loyalty, enhances customer experience and referral to generate even more demand for your products. Now that is how you monitor your market.

Features that will enable your success:

Price Matrix

Avaibility Matrix

Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.


Get rid your stock, while making the best price out of your inventory

You might be sellings seasonal products or getting rid of products nearing end-of-lifecycle? Anyways, you want to get the best price out of your stock and make sure you sell the products.

Sniffie’s pure AI-based markdown pricing module will deliver you the wanted results. Just set the end date, and Sniffie will automatically optimise your overall profit, while selling out your stock.