Availability matrix

Does your competitor have stock?

Are you keeping an eye on your competitors’ stock levels? Are you reacting to in relation to your competitor’s decreasing or recently increased product availability? Have you ever tried to predict your competitors sales?

With Sniffie’s availability matrix, all of this and more is possible!


Know where your competitor stands

Available or not, know the spot.

Sniffie’s Availability analytics works as a matrix table, that allows you to see products’ availability and stock level in stores: rows represent the product, columns represent the stores & sites, the values inside this table is the stock level in that specific store for that specific product.

Main use cases:

1. Compare changes in products’ availability with the latest selling price = monitor your competitors’ sales volumes over time

2. Competitor preparing for campaign or high sales season – stock levels rising drastically while price remains the same?

Availability matrix

Benefits of the Availability Matrix

Analyze the availability.

With Sniffie’s availability matrix you will gain insight to your competitor’s sales – stock level changes in relation with the price changes, around known campaign seasons.

1. See market availability easily

2. Make analyses in a simple matrix

3. Understand availability history

Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.