Master Data Organiser

Combining online and offline data sources has never been this easy.

Master Data Organizer is a feature that allow you to combine your offline data to Sniffie’s live-market data with unseen easiness. Export effortlessly data out from Sniffie to, for example, fill new columns, create or edit product categorizations, create specific product groups.


Design superb databases

Export, import and good to go

In Sniffie, you are able to utilize over 40 different data fields. Data fields can be defined as Sniffie sniffs data for you from the web, or you can also import data from your systems to Sniffie. The more data fields you are excited to use, the more precise the analytics and insights are. Use and see the data as you want it, on the accuracy you need it.

Main use cases:

1. Combine offline data to live market data

2. Manage and Organize your data – create or edit categorizations and segmentations, enrich product data

3. Make the data strategic to you – margin targets, purchasing price or RRP data to make your monitoring more strategic


Benefits of the Master Data Organizer

Combine external and internal data easily.

Export data – Organize & Manage data – Import data. Either combine your offline data to live market data or harmonize and edit data inside Sniffie. Understand the market data with your own rules.

1. Export all data at will

2. Modify in Excel and import more data

3. Modify data with simple bulk operation tools

Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.

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