Start earning more profit.

Turn your team members into excited pricing ninjas by continuing to deliver value for their decision making. Learn to make profit the right way.

How do you start earning more profit?

With our pricing analytics tools you and your team can understand why certain pricing decision went right or wrong, which in the future let’s you keep an eye on what competitors are doing in a totally different way. Whether it’s a campaign or strategic pricing decision, you’ll be well informed when making decisions.

With pricing analytics, tailored to your needs you will receive simple and understandable reports that assist in the decision making process. Pricing is simple, when you know what you are doing. Team support and loyalty is not only possible – it’s as simple to achieve as it’s fun.

Use Sniffie to make improvements to your bottom line and become a true pricing ninja.

Features that will enable your success and learn to make profit:

Pricing tool

Dashboards and widgets

Using these tools, you can learn to understand your pricing better.

Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.


Get rid your stock, while making the best price out of your inventory

You might be sellings seasonal products or getting rid of products nearing end-of-lifecycle? Anyways, you want to get the best price out of your stock and make sure you sell the products.

Sniffie’s pure AI-based markdown pricing module will deliver you the wanted results. Just set the end date, and Sniffie will automatically optimise your overall profit, while selling out your stock.