Pricing hub for the team

Personalise Sniffie with familiar content from your own work. Use categories, codes, content and more to support familiarity when asking your colleagues to join the service. See the world from your angle by using only familiar categories, codes or names to classify your pricing data. This way, create your own pricing hub for the whole team.

Design your own master data with our Customer Success Team and see it developed in front of your eyes without even having to raise a finger. You can also use simple tools to make it yourself. Speed up pricing and make better margins by offering the critical pricing information to the right decision makers when it happens. No more tedious excel exercises just to make it a day late and a dollar short.

Give your team the ability to tag and create their own reporting groups and report dashboards by themselves. Share the best intel and dashboards with the team and the decision makers. 


Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.