Omnibuss Pricing App

The EU Omnibus Directive requires retailers to show the 30-day lowest regular price alongside the discounted price for all discounted products.

Omnibus Pricing Calculator is an easy to use solution to keep your prices in line with the new legislation.

Sniffie's Shopify Omnibus Pricing App for Price Indication Directive Compliance

What was the Omnibus-Directive again?

Enforcement and Modernisation directive 2019/2161 (better known as Omnibus-directive) is an EU directive that aims to reinforce consumer rights via enforcement measures and increased transparency requirements. The main aim of the omnibus directive is to enhance the protection of consumer rights across the European Union.

First of all, when we first heard about the EU Omnibus Directive, we thought it was way too much to digest… So we did the only sensible thing one could think of; Hire a lawyer to translate all the articles and law-gibberish to an easy-to-understand -format. Then, of course, we published the findings free of charge for anyone to read. The Omnibus app was just the natural continuum for us to help all the merchants to tackle the issue that is the Omnibus Directive.

Our aim is to make sure there is an easy to use solution to keep your prices inline with the new Directive. 

Easy to use

How does the app benefit you

The app keeps track of the running 30-day lowest price (discount coupons included) for your products and compares this to your advertised “Compare at” -price. If it notices conflict between these two, it marks those products as “incompliant”. You can then observe these products in one view.

Instantt benefit

From the get go, see the lowest prices your customers have purchased your products at in the last 30 days with coupon discounts included. That can be used as a baseline for your Compare at prices, if you know it’s compliant with the directive, while we keep collecting the 30 day price history for all your products, that’s required for the directive.

Catch non-compliant products with one glance

Easy overview of your products and what products do not comply with the directive.

See up do date lowest prices

Lowest price checked every day, and on every price change. For every product. **Discount coupons taken into account as well!**

Fix prices on the spot

Easy one click solution to fix non-compliant products’ prices. 

How does it work

The Omnibus Price Calculator will help keep your discount prices in line with the EU Omnibus Directive. The Directive demands that retailers show the 30-day lowest regular price alongside the discounted price for all discounted products.

For the App to be able to successfully adhere to the regulation, it will need the full 30 days to collect the price information for each product every day. 

After it has successfully collected the price details, the app will start automatically monitoring all the discounted prices and flags any and all non-compliant sales items. One can check the remaining days until the full history is collected from under the “Price history information” -section, which can be found on the left side of the app.

Currently Our app provides you with the 30-day lowest price -information. Keep in mind that, we do not yet make your pricing follow the directive. It is up to you to change the discounted products’ “Compare at price” to the “Lowest price” that we provide for you. 

Legal Reserach Paper on Omnibus Directive and Pricing

Download our free Legal Research Papter to learn more about the Omnibus Directvie and it’s implications.

Omnibus Directive Legal Reasearch Paper


“Compliance” tells you the current overview of your products’ compliance status, whether it’s okay, or requires changes to the pricing. When some products do not follow the directive, this section will highlight in red colour. Take a look at the image below that shows

You can see a detailed view of your products’ Pricing info in the “Products” -tab from the app.

Upcoming features

We are still developing the app and our goal is to make the whole compliance process automatic. Below are some features that we’re currently working on:

Compere at price

Set “Lowest price [30d]” to “Compare at price” with a click of a button

Store front price component

Storefront price component that displays the 30-day lowest price and date range in your current theme

Omnibus Pricing App Shopify

Campaign tool

Fully-fledged Campaign tool that allows shops to set up, organise, control and analyse their campaigns easily, with automatic Omnibus directive control

Insight & analytics component

Insights and analytics component for gaining better understanding about the performance of the shop’s products, campaigns and inventory details, and much more

Get the app

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