Master Data Mapping Tool

Our master data mapping tool allows you to create a mapping ID for products between the different systems. Use the ID to plan how you can joint different datasources for your benefit.

As most Ecommerce companies are selling many products, an understandable product data structure helps you to succeed in pricing. 

When you formalize the structure of your master data, everyone can use the same data across all platforms. Formalizing the data includes the following aspects: Product naming, product coding, product categorization, and product groups.

Including the formalized master data structure on all platforms that you use for marketing and pricing such as Google Analytics, your PIM, and your ecommerce platform will allow you to make data-driven decisions. 

Imagine a situation in which you are doing Google advertising for specific products. You can easily add analytic views with harmonized data to see if your pricing supports the marketing. Are your prices competitive and maybe the reason for low conversions? Pushing people to your landing pages to acknowledge a high price isn’t clever. 

To map the relations of the data across the platforms can be done by using the same data structure and by creating a mapping code for all the data. It can be a SKU, product code or any other number that can be used in all systems. With that mapping ID you are able to organise all your data across the platforms. 

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