Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator

You can use Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator to understand how your market affects your sales volumes and prices. With our free, easy-to-use tool, you can calculate the profitable price range for your products. You can also use the tool to find  an optimal price point for your products. 

With the tool you can:

  1. See the price elasticity of your products
  2. See the minimum margin you need from your products
  3. Know the maximum price you can set your products to 
  4. See how you can reach the optimum price point for your products
Get the tool and start optimising your prices.
Strategic Pricing Gateway Calculator by Sniffie

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Understand what matters

Sniffie identifies automatically the details impacting your product pricing. Understand how much your product pricing is affected by competitors or how much room you have to add premium. When you understand what matters, you know how to react.

Dynamic Markdown Pricing

Have an actionable gameplan

Use intuitive strategies in dynamic product pricing, pricing campaigns and price optimization to react dynamically and make sure you receive the profit you wish. Control and modify your dynamic product pricing while using the data you have to purchase on a right price as well.

Automate best practices

Use machine learning to reveal how product pricing strategies can be improved. Base your dynamic pricing on customer demand and forecast the impact of every price change before you make them. Run campaigns and repeat those in the future.

Grow you profits

Keep your product pricing optimum at all times. Test pricing to find new opportunities to create profitability. Keep control by automating the best practices. Keep your profitability at an optimum level. Always.