How market analysts benefit from Sniffie

Understand the market from top to bottom.

Selling something online has become the new norm. At the same time the amount of information you should digest is exponentially growing. As a Market Analyst, you should always be on top of the market situation. Following market trends manually is often a very tedious Excel deep dive. Something that cannot be updated easily or without manual work. So, wouldn’t it be nice to just ask someone to collect the data and use tools that actually do deliver live results?

Bedrock for every good analyst is tools that can be used whenever and wherever, with ease. With accurate market data always at hand, you are be able to concentrate acting on the market data and have a comprehensive view on your pricing strategy execution.

Benefits of Sniffie for market analysts
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Analyse the market on the fly

For consumers, understanding the big picture is easy. They just Google it. For you, the problem is logarithmic. Price has become more and more important purchasing factor along with delivery times and category optimization. Ecommerce market is to say at least, volatile and chaotic, and that’s why you need tools to understand the market in a heartbeat. To get the overall picture and then just drill down to details. All with live data.

So, wouldn’t it be great, if you could really concentrate on acting on the data that matters in your day to day decision-making? Forget the manual, tedious Excel preparations and start using state of the art tools that let you become the insight guru in your company. We have been using Market Analysts to develop our software analytics and that is why our analytics are easy to understand and effective to use.

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Why choose Sniffie's Pricing Suite?

These benefits will help you achieve your goals.

Let us present to you some of key benefits why you should use Sniffie to make your daily working life easier.

1. Create flexible dashboards for the whole organisation

2. Share relevant insight to your team and management

3. Act on real data that is live all the time

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