Sniffie Pricing automation, Price optimization and Price monitoring software – All features


Know competitor stock levels

See the stock levels of your competitors, know when they are running low or when they are more competition for you.

Understand market pricing

See all your competitors prices in one glance in a simple matrix where all products are matched to their

Perform pricing analysis

Use ready-made indexes to get a quick overview of where your prices stand in the market compared to your competitors.

Download market data

Export market pricing data as a list or matrix and easily use it in your daily work.

View clear and concrete analytics

Receive concrete indexes such as min, max, avg in the same view as your competitors prices and market data.

Choose which prices to view

Depending on how many products you follow, you might not want to see individual price levels and this can be easily set in Sniffie's views.

Leave product matching to us

We know that finding the exact product matches is vital for a working market monitoring. We built our own product matcher to make sure all matches are correct across the market.


Reprice without hassel

Open your Pricing Matrix, click the price in our repricing column and change it, it's as easy as that!

Get price suggestions

Sniffie will suggest new and more profitable prices for your products based on live market data.

View alerts when repricing

Sniffie will take care of alerting you when your are repricing so you avoid issues. We will tell you if you'll meet your margin target, if your customers are likely to notice the change and much more.

Group and reprice easily

Create product groups easily and set a specific pricing rule for each group.

Apply saved strategies

Select products and easily reprice them using already created and saved pricing strategies.

Activate safegurds

Use safegurads such as "margin target must be met" or "human confirmation required" to ensure your strategy is sound.

Set strategy to target value

Set your strategies to a specific target value like the marget average of a specific market you are following for instance.

Choose appealing prices

You can let Sniffie make sure that all your prices are psychologically appealing to the consumer by rounding them strategically.

Follow market pricing

You can create a market from the competitors you like and set a pricing strategy to follow them.

Predict market reactions

Simulate the outcome of a price change on the market and use it to make better pricing decisions.

Match a competitor's price

Set your strategy to match a specific competitors price or even add another factor and make sure to always have your pricing in line.


Optimize your prices using AI

Sniffie's AI-tool uses machine learning to optimize your prices and minimize cannibalisation.

Set pricing campaigns

Set price changes with specific start- and end-dates. Schedule promotions, special offers and more, all in advance.

Get alerted when setting pricing strategies

Sniffie will warn you if your price point isn't appealing or if you haven't set a termination criteria for the strategy

View pending strategies

See all your pending pricing strategies in one place and have control of the upcoming changes.

Google Shopping integration

Change prices in Sniffie and see your Goodle Shopping ads get updated instantly, no standard delay of 8 hours.

Shopify integration

Integrate Sniffie with your store built on Shopify and share price history, banners and price change notifications.

Magento integration

Integrate Sniffie with your store built on Magento and share price history, banners and price change notifications.


View the data, however you want

Use Sniffie's dashboards to customize your master data into the format you wish and easily perform analysis.

Save and share dashboards

Create dashboards for you and save them for future use. Share dashboards within your organization and make sure everyone has the same views.

Currency normalizer

Forget trying to analyze data in different currencies at once. With Sniffies currency-toggle you can easily change all currencies to EUR and have comparable data.

Split your data

Divide different markets or branches onto their own accounts and switch easily between the datasets. No more excluding data to show what really matters.

Easy analysis

Use Sniffie's readymade analytics-widgets to create dashboards in an instant.

Pricing Automation Software

Customizable analytics

Create a dashboard from scratch or pick a widget and edit it so that it meets your preferences and needs.

Customize market insights

Create your personal view of the market monitoring data and save it for later use. Group competitors or product categories and enjoy a clear view of the data that interests you.


Filter at will

Use our global filters to filter down the data in all views in exactly the way you want.

Reference site

Choose which site Sniffie uses as a reference for it's analytics. Use your own site or your competitors to monitor the data against.

Reference store

Change the store used as a reference in Sniffie. View the data monitored against the store of your choice.

View existing strategies

View the name, creation-date and description of all your created pricing-strategies

Repricing log

See all price changes done in Sniffie in one log together with the associated information such as user and product name.

CPI target importing

Import your CPI (Competitor Price Index) into Sniffie and use it as additional data for analytics and when repricing.

Enrich your data

Import offline data to Sniffie and use it for product categorization, price comparison or other analytics in Sniffie.

Action log

View Sniffie's user action log and see all changes made by users on your account.


Product catalogue

view all your products and their data in one comprehensive list inside Sniffie. Browse exact matches for a specific product and see how many competitors carry the same item.

Product page

See all available information for one product at a time on its personal product page.

Data organizer

In Sniffie's Master Data Organiser you are able to organize the imported data into whichever format you want to have it in. No more editing in Excel or Sheets, just do it all with Sniffie.

Tag products

Use product tags to help filter down the massive amount of raw data into smaller bits.

Share tags

You can create personal or company-wide product tags in Sniffie and share them with other users on the same account. This way, all users will have the same way of organizing the raw data.

Set an offline reference

Set an offline source as the reference point. This is espcially useful for MAP-customers wanting to follow resellers prices against their own recommended prices.

Perform bulk operations

Use Sniffie's readymade tools to perform bulk operations on your raw data such as updating all product data, removing all reference points and much more.

Direct database access

Access your own database in Sniffie with direct SQL access.


Approve price changes on the go

Use the Sniffie app to approve your price changes on the go. Never miss out changes that could earn you money.

Receive price-suggestions to your phone

Sniffie suggest price changes for you when there is a possibility to optimize your prices and sends you the suggestions straight to your phone via our app.

Remain in control

No need to compromise on control when you aren't at the office, view relevant data to make informed decision when you are out an about with the Sniffie app.


Excel integration

Integrate Excel with Sniffie for easy import and export of data between the two systems.

Google Sheets integration

Integrate Google Sheets with Sniffie for easy import and export of data between the two systems.

Google Ads integration​

Integrate Sniffie with Google Ads and optimize your ads according to changes made in Sniffie.

Tableu integration

Integrate Sniffie with Tableu for easy sharing of data and analytics.

Sniffie Shopify integration for pricing automation

Shopify integration

Integrate your online store on Shopify's platform with Sniffie and make price changes, see history and push banners and notifications.

Magento integration

Integrate your online store on Magento's platform with Sniffie and make price changes, see history and push banners and notifications.

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