Our code of conduct for our Partners and for a Better world

We have one goal. We are going to provide the world’s best pricing automation solution and thus to be an attractive, transparent and reliable partner in all business transactions and relations we have gathered in our Code of Conduct for Partners. To be the best, there is only one way to get there and that is to seek to form fair, transparent and profitable business relationships with partners that are good global citizens from an environmental, societal and employment point of view. As we acknowledge that these are a set of moral rules we hope all our partners comply with, we do also believe and hope these will be the minimum standard, from which personal, moral understanding will always aim to set higher standards. 

Sniffie team

As our aim is to be the world’s best pricing automation company, we expect this level of ambition also from our partners, meaning we do expect the best possible know-how, professionalism and unbroken will to improve on all aspects when it comes to quality and results of work and its effect on human and employee rights, environmental effects and cost-effectiveness. Because we believe the world can be a better place tomorrow, we expect each of our partners to commit to innovation that exceeds the incremental improvement in all aspects of their work. 

Our Code of Conduct for Partners clarifies and highlights the importance of our values which are stated in one sentence Results through Passion and Freedom

Results – We are focused on delivering measurable results that have a positive impact on us and our customers and the surrounding world.


Passion – Passion to constantly surprise ourselves and our customers positively.


Freedom – Absolute freedom with responsibility of real results and significant growth.

At this stage, we also want everyone who works with us to form an understanding on our Customer Experience Strategy: Who Cares Wins. If you do not think the same way, please work with someone else. For us, to show you care about how other people, the environment and the society we live in, is ultimately the most important thing to us.

Although this code of conduct is more than an agreement made by lawyers, we want to make sure that all Parties we are in relationship with should treat others in as fair, equal and open-minded manner as we do. This being said, we want to underline that we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We expect all of our partners to take into consideration and when possible, to follow this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct should be followed in all matters when it comes to dealing with Sniffie; Your employees and all third parties. And we mean all third parties. 

1. Be legally compliant

We expect you to follow all laws, regulations and directions, including international trade sanctions and recommendations. On top of this we expect you to follow your personal moral, in such cases that direct following of above mentioned laws, directions and recommendations might seem inadequate or insufficient from your personal moral perspective. We should always aim that the above legal directions should be the minimum in our efforts. 

2. How to do business with others

We all live on the same planet. We all have the same human rights. We all breathe the same air. Thus we expect all our partners to follow and commit to the ethical conduct and highest standard of human rights and follow the moral spirit of internationally recognized standards and human rights agreements.

We also do not accept any kind of bribery or corruption, not in any form. The partner must make sure, with all efforts possible, that none of its employees, was it then director, employee or a third party consultant of any kind will not offer, give, make a promise of or accept any kind of improper payment, gift or any other form of vehicle to persuade to promote new business, retain current business or form any other advantage in their business. And as you might guess we do not accept any kind of bribery or any other ways to influence us, or your other business partners. 

We do accept and give normal business courtesies such as lunches, small gifts as long as those are compliant with current laws and regulations and reasonable to the level of business we do together. 

3. Be a good global citizen 

It’s one thing to say you care. Another thing is to really care. For us, simply the only way to go about is to be a good global citizen. We could spend hours on end to pinpoint little details about human rights, child labour and other important respectful manners. But, instead we paint the picture here in a more simple manner. 

We expect you to be a good global citizen. 

That means that you as a partner must treat all your employees with respect, dignity, fairly and equally. You do not discriminate, not when recruiting, nor later when promoting, educating or developing your employees in any ways based on their age, gender, outlook, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, beliefs, sexual orientation, political views, or any other matter. Not even on the basis of what soccer club they support. 

You do not use child or forced labor or buy or work with companies or persons that use or accept the use of child or forced labor in their work.  

We also do not respect any kind of disrespectful conduct in employee treatment. That means sexual harassment, condescending attitude towards women or younger people, neither older generations. Therefore we also expect you to follow the same guideline.   

All our partners should also pay fair pay, according to the applicable laws and regulations, and be fair in other compensation they offer to their employees. On top of that we expect all our partners to follow fair guidelines, even if direct following of laws might offer the possibility to do otherwise, when negotiating with smaller companies. They are also there to grow and hire more people, not to be ripped off. As a Sniffie partner you do also commit to accept the freedom of association for your employees. It is important for democratic societies that people can join their forces to bargain collectively for their better wellbeing. We truly believe in that. 

4. Keep people and the planet safe

You, as a Sniffie’s partner, shall offer your employees a safe and healthy working environment, with the minimum requirement of following the laws applicable. As we do, you should also have regular training, monitoring and information on how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. That would naturally include things like offering health insurance, good guidance and principles of emergency practicalities, not working when sick or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

We also expect you, as a Sniffie’s partner, to be good to the environment. That means you will do everything in your power to protect the world and environment we are living in. That means you have fulfilled and have all the legislative permits to do your work and you follow even the best practices on environmental directions and guidelines in all your business. You reduce the impact your company is having for our environment to the extent possible in your case. When possible, you and your team are encouraged to determine and minimise the carbon footprint of your actions and products.

5. Avoid conflicts of interest

We do acknowledge that people are active in this world. Sometimes it might mean that our interests might conflict. In such a case we expect you to be the sole judge of it. This means we expect all our partners to avoid any such interaction with Sniffie, its team members and employees that are working for the best interests of Sniffie, that might create a conflict of interest for either of the parties involved. We also expect everyone working with Sniffie, to clarify you must, to tell us in such a case you notice a possible conflict of interest where for example your immediate family member, relative, friend or other important person holds a material, financial or other interest in the partner and that might conflict with Sniffie’s interest.  

6. Give a fair fight

Yes, we do acknowledge that competition is tough in today’s world. But that doesn’t give you the right to be unfair. We expect you to compete in a fair manner and comply with all applicable laws there are, and as above mentioned follow your heart and moral. Let’s make the world a better place by competing fairly.

7. What’s yours is yours, what is ours, is ours

We believe that the world is going more and more towards intangible products. That means that even intellectual property rights are important. Sure, humans first, but in the end also the intellectual property rights make a significant impact on both of our businesses. So, that is why, we expect you to respect everyone’s intellectual property rights, as we do as well. 

That goes also to our brand. We do acknowledge that references are a good thing. If we use a company as a reference, we will ask first. We expect you to do the same, if you use us as a reference. 

8. Keep track of things to improve your actions

Keeping track is the only way to improve your performance. That goes to the above mentioned details. So, you as a partner, should monitor your performance on a regular basis and make sure that you follow these guidelines. You also accept that if we are in a position that we need to improve our actions on the above mentioned principles, we might be in a position that we need to request you to prove that you follow these guidelines. In such a case we hope you will help us to do so.

If you have any questions or at any stage hesitate that we, or you, do not comply with these rules you are more than welcome to report that finding to us immediately.

The Partner Code of Conduct is published on our website and as a small company we are naturally unable to ask all our partners at this stage to report us their status on the above mentioned details. We wouldn’t have the time and money to check all the details. But that doesn’t mean this is trivial. This is a moral reminder that we do care. For us, these things matter. 

That is why we do all in our power to make sure we follow these guidelines and thus also expect you to follow the same integrity in your actions. If we find that there is a real threat that you, for one reason or another, are not following similar principles, we will not work with you. Simple as that.