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Justin Zarabi

Director of new business

Amazing for clothing business!

Pricing Within the Clothing Industry

Diverse range of customers

The clothing industry serves customers with varying preferences, budgets, and purchasing power. Our AI-powered price optimization solution analyzes customer behavior, market trends, and competitive pricing to determine optimal prices for each segment. By tailoring your prices to meet the specific needs of your diverse customer base, you can increase customer satisfaction, drive sales, and maximize profits.

Seasonality and Trend sensitivity

Fashion trends and seasonal variations heavily impact pricing strategies. Our dynamic pricing feature allows you to adapt quickly to these shifts by automatically adjusting your prices in real-time. Whether it’s promoting trendy items during peak seasons or optimizing prices for off-season inventory clearance, our solution ensures you’re always in sync with the latest market demands, maximizing your sales potential.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial to maintaining profitability in the clothing industry. Our AI-driven markdown pricing algorithms analyze various factors such as stock levels, product performance, and seasonality to recommend optimal markdown strategies. This ensures you clear excess inventory, minimize holding costs, and maximize sell-through rates, all while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Sniffie for Shopify

Sewing up a profit structure for your clothing or fashion products has never been more easy. It has also never been more crucial. Sniffie’s trustworthy AI will automatically change your prices and find the optimal price point in no time. Let the algorithm do its work and achieve improved results. 

Wether you want your clothing pricing to become truly dynamic or you are looking for a way to plan and run effective markdown or discount campaigns we’ve got you covered! 

Our pricing software is the one-stop pricing platform for your Shopify store. 

Our Pricing

Sniffie Pricing Software is your one-stop pricing platform. All packages include the basic modules that cover all your pricing needs. Get started now with a 14 day free trial for Shopify stores!

Benefits of Sniffie

Shopify integration


Enjoy the user-friendly and simple interface that requires minimal training.

Real-time data

With the integration you can ensure that your data is always up to date.

Always optimal pricing

AI algorithms are used to set the best price point for all your products.

AI-based forecasting

Simulate various scenarios to forecast revenue, profit and stock.

See how our current customers have experienced our service!

“Based on the results Sniffie will boost your revenue and profit. Excellent support and development team!”

Tomi K
Retail, 11-50 employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

“I like that our profits have increased. Amazing for the bottom line. Initial set up was easy. System gets stronger over time.”

Justin Z.
Apparel & Fashion, 201-500 employees
Used the software for: Less than 6 months

“Genuine willingness to support the business growth. Focus is not only the tech side, but the help in general is significant.”

Jari K.
Consumer Electronics, 1-10 employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

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