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Artificial intelligence in pricing

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“The AI-revolution is not coming. It has already arrived. This book will give you a world-class peek into how AI is changing pricing and what it can do for YOUR bottom line”

Sniffie ebooks

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You will learn: 

  • The basics of AI and reinforced learning
  • The effect of market cannibalization and price elasticity on pricing
  • How AI can be used to solve the most difficult challenges in pricing
  • How Sniffie’s AI-solution SAMPO can optimize your pricing process and make you a better pricing professional
SNiffie ebooks


How can AI solve market cannibalization?

This is of course a tricky question to answer shortly but market cannibalization can be minimized using an AI-solution that can model the different connections between products and then choose price points that maximize your total profits.

Why should I use AI when pricing?

AI has many benefits when turned into a solution for profitable pricing. You are able to model sales volumes and have the computer try price points between safeguards and find the optimal price that will yield the highest profit and minimize cannibalization. 

How can I trust a computer to make these important decisions?

When it comes to reinforced learning the theory behind it is based on building complex models with several layers and model an infinite amount of possible outcomes. This in turn makes it possible to avoid problems by having all possible outcomes mapped out. With Sniffie’s AI-solution SAMPO you are also able to remain in control by always requiring human confirmation before a price is changed.

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